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I recently started a powerlifting program that requires me to do deadlifts and squats in the same workout. I am currently performing deadlifts first, followed by squats. I’m worried that doing the deads first will fatigue my back muscles to the point where they won’t be able to properly stabilize my spine during squats. Any advice anyone?

Personally I never had a problem with that during the period when I did DL’s and then squats on the same day. Someone whose lower back was a weak link on squats in any case, though, would not want to follow this program. That was never even close to being the case for me, so I did okay. If you think you’re in the same situation, then I’d think you have no problem.

Read everything you can about westside Barbell Club, Elite fitness Systems and Louie Simmons.Set up your routine based on their recomendations.

yeah. do squats first, like you would in a contest.

What kind of routine? Keep in mind heavy sets (5 reps or less) won’t fatigue muscles like traditional bodybuilding set/rep schemes will. I train westside so once a week I’m maxing a squat/DL/good morning and follow it up with rep work on one of the other big lifts with no problem. All I can say is try the routine once and guage back fatigue and adjust apropriately. Keep in mind that popular splits that separate squatting and DLing on diff days of the week can keep your back perpetually overtrained if you’re using similar volume intensities for both workouts, so often combining the two lifts on the same day can allow greater recovery time for your back/legs.

Never fail a rep. Do the same amount of sets that you would do if you did only one movement that day. Meaning if you did 5x5 on Squats… do 3x5 / 2x5 on the SQ and DL. You could put a rest period or another exrcise in between the Squats and Deads ( ofcourse not another exercise that fatiques your back ). If all else fails… try doing your Squats before your Deads. You could alternate SQ and DL first. Going heavy on the first and lighter, faster, augmenting form on the second.

I personally would do squats first. My reasoning always was pretty simple. I’m going to have the weight on my back first before I puyll from the floor. Remember power squats can also take a lot out of your shoulders also.
If you do the deads first, keep your squat weight down due to the pre exhaust of the erectors, hams etc. I really don’t think what your doing is wrong, you just have to be careful. The deads first can have some advantage conjugate training wise. I think it would be a good idea to alternate the order of the exercises periodically at the least. Just be careful of form of the deads are done first. Be very picky about it.

Yea…doing squats and deadlifts in the same workout is insane…Unless you are are doing speed work