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How many of you guys( and girls) are powerlifters? I am interested in finding out and posibly starting an online correspondence with you in order to get more ideas about my training, diet and supplementation. Who knows, maybe you can even learn something from me too.

I am training for our state PL competition in May.

hey bro im a powerlifter too. if you need some other good correspondance go to strength onlines freak forum and check that out. im lookin forward to sharing info. do you train westside? i take a variety of theologies and combine them into a program that i see is fit. anyways man good subject i hope theres lots of us power peaople gotta be politically correct.

I think we should keep this thread going on forever, just like that annoying Fat Fast Support Group thread.

Hey whats up my powerlifting people. I’ve been training for about half a year now. We got a club at school so we go to comps about once a month. I was using Westside for a while and it worked really well. My squat jumped up about 50 pounds in two months. Where does everyone else compete at? We compete around the nothern Wisconsin and Minnesota area.

non competitive power lifter, 2 goals in life one be incredibly strong, got long ways to go on that one, and look good nekid, and if I do say so myself i’m pretty hot. I train in a slightly modified westside program. current stats, 5’10 185lbs, 3 months training west side style, 240 bench, 365 squat, 345 deadlift.

i say we get this thread goin forever too. have dave tate on here? thatd be sweet huh? anyways right now im in the WABDL its alright i cant decide between APF and USAPL though. maybe you have a better suggestion jimmy? im 19 6’2 260lbs bench 425 shirtless not competition but with a pause. squat 550 raw and dead ooh i hate posting this but my best is 510 i have short arms. so im an ok lifter. i just hope to get better every week.
KEEP THIS THREAD ALIVE!!! wheres the power people? stupid pencil neck bodybuilders hahahah j/k guys.

im a bodybuilder,but i train as a powerlifter as i belive a strong muscle is a big muscle,and i dont like that 10-15 rep shit,i use a modified westside method of training with the speed days,and max effort days etc.
powerlifting training rocks!
i love doin triples much better than ‘pumping sets’

Well Grant, This forum doesn’t allow us to post e-mails.That’s OK I have a post on Strength Online Classifieds for a denim shirt. You can get my e-mail from there. Then e-mail me w/ yours.

Dave Tate mentioned pl squats vs. olympic style squats. What’s the difference?

I competed once last yr, i’m 18 i was in the 181 class(at 181 lbs) it was only bench/dead. I benched a paltry 250 and deadlifted 440 after only 6 weeks of training . I’m very interested on puttin on alot of size, but believe you need strength too(whats the point of bein foo foo w/o the jack to back it) i am currently 178 lbs and am intrigued by westside training. does anyone work their techniques into a bodybuilding type program. can anyone gimee mor info on the westside training?

I have just started training for strength and love it. I was wondering how much wraps and suits add to your lifts. If you have used them before, how often do you use them in training?

In answer to a couple of earlier posts…A bench shirt or suit will add about 10% to your lifts. Maybe a little less. I do train Westside style, and have been for the past year or so. All lifts have gone up. I do not train with chains and bands as of yet, and, work two Max Effort Days then one Dynamic Day. You can find out more at deepsquatter.com, elitefts.com, and Westsidebarbell.com.

Powerlifted for a Midwest University that was 2-time national champions (in a row) at the 165lb class. I have qualified for Nationals, and would be happy to answer any questions you might have about anything related to powerlifting.

Do any of you guys train with bans or chains? When you buy them does it say how much the resistance is or do you have to set it up? I’m going to start using them this summer but don’t know how to use them. I read Dave Tates article with the pound setups but it was a little confusing?

double D,
I use chains and soon to use bands. The resistance on chains depend on the size mine are about 22lbs i think they’re 5/8s i dont remeber the resistance on the bands the most important part is using them. why get a specific number in my opinion all you have to do is figure out how much is enough to make gains. with chains just use whatever you use on your dynamic day plus chains if you cant get your dynamic day weight up woth the addition of chains or bands then your Dynamic day was wrong. i bench over 4 and i use 190-225 for my dynamics my coach uses 250 and he benches over 6. BTW jimmy O if you didnt get my email ill put my email on a post in the freak forum under my real name grant warren