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I just read the article about Mike, and the thing that stumps me is Mike’s weight. I am a powerlifter too, but when I get close to competition I try to lose a little weight to better my chances of winning. I hope some of you can help me understand why one would want to stay at 400 lbs.? I know the sauce will keep some weight on but one could probably get lean and still maintain most of their strength.

Hes a heavyweight, what advantage does he have with being lean? none

Most powerlifters are not lean, most are lucky if they are 15%.

Leaness doesnt equate with performance.

Mike surely competes in Unlimited weight class so weight isn’t important. On the other hand, if you’re lifting in the lighter classes (i.e. 90-100kgs/ 198-220lbs) being the leanest while having the most muscle as possible might help you. It all depends of the context!


hes in the heavyweights so why would he want to lose weight if he didnt have to.