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Can anyone recomend a powerlifting, olympic lifting for a bodybuilder with no prior power or olympic lifting experience? I have looked around the site and have found a few useful things but I am looking for a program something similar to how Ian King’s are laid out. (you know easy to understand, sometimes I am a little slow to learn). Any information will help me greatly. Thanks in advance. Sand.

I found a few sites but I would like input from experienced guys.

Performing deads depends on who’s “style” you’re interested in training: Ian King’s or Dave Tate’s (Westside). Tate recommends you set the weight down at the bottom of a rep - since the positive(lifting) movement of the rep, not the negative is more important. Check out Dave Tate’s site.
But his theories are structured for strength gains which is why his methods differ from Ian Kings.

I am not sure what you want to be recommended. Do you want to know how to perform lifts? Or do you want a program? Do you want websites on how to perform lifts?

The following site s pretty good. YOu should check it out. www.qwa.org/

I don’t know of any step by step powerlifting or oly lifting programs that are laid out like Ian’s. You might try emailing Chris Thibadeau as I know he has written in the area and may be able to point you in the right direction of a step by step olympic lifting program.

Well I prefer the West Side Barbell way of PowerLifting. I really like some of Dr. Fred Hatfields ideas too. Log onto Elitefts.com You will get a good start on your Powerlifting knowlege.

Sand, the reason no one’s responded is that we don’t know what to make of your post. Power lifting or O-lifting? An exercise or a full routine? Are you trying to get stonger, lean down, what?

C’mon, man, help us to help you…

Check out elitefts.com and deepsquatter.com. If you need more specific info ask.

Well, utilizing a powerlifting approach is relatively easy for a bodybuilder because the competition and assistance lifts are well known to them (bench press, squat, deadlift). So really it’s only a matter of adjusting intensity, volume and frequency to maximise limit strength gains.

Now, for the olympic lifts it’s a bit more complicated than that. Not only do you have to adjust your training in consequence, but you also have to learn the lifts properly.

If you choose to do the simpler versions of the olympic lifts (power snatch from hang or blocks, power clean from hang or blocks, power clean, push jerk) you should not have too much problems learning the lifts. However if you go for the full competitive lifts (full squat clean, full squat snatch, split jerk) you might have some problems, especially if you don’t have a coach.

I also believe that you are trying to do a bit too much. I assume that since you are after bodybuilding-type gains, you will include some form of bodybuilding training. This means that you will be using 3 different training approached in your program. As they say "Jack of all trades, master of none".

However what you’re asking is possible if you don’t mind not peaking in all three activities.

Since both of the powerlifts are regular olympic lifting assistance exercises (squat, deadlift), powerlifting and olympic lifting programs can be merged with little modifications (you only have to fit the bench press in there).

However adding bodybuilding stuff is a bit more complex because the basic methodology of bodybuilding and powerlifting/olympic lifting is very different. Most of all, bodybuilders split their training into muscle groups (e.g. Day 1: Chest/triceps/delts, Day 2: legs, Day 3: Back/Biceps, Day 4: Abs/lower back) while powerlifters split their training into lifts (e.g. Day 1: Squat, Day 2:Bench pres, Day 3: Deadlift, Day 4: remedial exercises. OR Day 1: Bench press, Day 2: Squat/deadlift, Day 3: Bench press, Day 4: Squat/Deadlift). Olympic lifters are even more different as their whole body is worked in every training session!

An approach you could use is divide your week into 4 training days...

DAY 1 (Snatch emphasis):

A. Power snatch from blocks
B. Snatch grip deadlift
C. Overhead squat
D. DB 1 hand snatch

DAY 2 (Jerk emphasis)

A. Push or split jerk
B. Bench press
C. Military press
D. Lying DB triceps extension

DAY 3 (Clean emphasis)

A. Power clean
B. Clean grip deadlift
C. Back squat
D. Barbell row

DAY 4 (remedial exercises)

A. Reverse barbell curl
B. Hammer curl
C. Glute-ham raise
D. Incline DB press
E. Ab work

do a search for west side and dave tate on this site. also at the end of dave tate’s articles are links to his website where you will fin all the info you need.

hey are you after a powerlifting site or a weightlifting (olympic lifting) site? the terms are NOT interchangable. Powerlifters compete in the bench squat and deadlift, olympic lifters compete in the snatch and clean and jerk. you request is very confusing.

I meant to post my response in the “deadlift” thread…I’ll copy and paste. Sorry, all! Patricia

First, to all that responded: Sorry for the confusion with my question. I want to start powerlifting because I believe it could bring a lot to my bodybuilding endeavors. Basically, what I am looking to do is begin powerlifting as a way to increase my overall strength. I figure since I have never lifted like this that I could really benefit from it.

Christian, you really seems to know what you are doing. If it is not too much to ask, is there any way you can contact me so I can get the sets/reps etc. on the program you laid out on your reply. I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance. Sand.