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Powerlifting workout

I’ve been lifting for about two years, mostly doing workouts oriented towards bodybuilding I’m interested in switching over to a powerlifting type routine, but I’m not sure where to start when designing a program. Do i devote a day to chest, another to back, and another to legs? Any help will be appreciated.



there are several different methods. one type gaining popularity is the west side methods. search the archieves for articles written by dave tate. is pretty good and fun. you work out four days a week. you have a dynamic day for benching and squating and a max effort day for benching and squatting. read his articles and you’ll learn a lot.

other powerlifters split into 3 days - one day each for pressing, deadlifting and back, and squatting. others split in numerous other ways. start with dave tate’s articles.

A good basic split for powerlifting can be something like this:
Day One: Heavy Bench Assistance Exercises
Day Two: Squat + Assistance
Day Three:Rest
Day Four: Light/Dynamic Bench + Assistance
Day Five: Deadlift + Assistance
Days 6+7: Off

There are several powerlifters like Rickey Dale Crain who do not even think you need a light day.

This is mostly a bodybuilding forum. To ask a lot of questions about powerlifting, Dr. Squat has a great forum on his site.