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Powerlifting with Piriformis Syndrome

hey guys, a few days ago while squatting i began to experience some glute pain at the bottom and during the lockout.

first squat session i had mild pain that was very tolerable, but when i began squatting again 2 days later the pain was almost unbearable and i barely got through my 5 sets.

went to the chiro and he said theres a good chance its piriformis syndrome and my symtoms fit the description so thats my diagnosis for now.

i know i need to stretch/foam roll but is there anything else i can do to speed up recovery, and any of you who have dealt with this your input would be much appreciated, thanks.

Try this

Piriformis syndrome can also be caused by weakness through the glutes. Not just tightness of the piriformis so a good idea would be to check your glute activation and if required do some specific glute strengthening exercises.

I have to say, that after reading some of Dean Somerset’s work on Glute activiation, hip flexor issues, and abdominal weakness, I am all in on this. In addition to the stretch recommended above, try the “awaken the glute Monster” article. The hip flexors may need more stretching / and they may be contracting so hard as to pull your hip to one side or another requiring your lateral hip muscles to over-correct–my problem. Hip bridges seem to be working the best to help, but also anything that will stretch the IT Band and lateral hip muscles (the piriformis).

Check around to see how those tiny lateral hip muscles attach and move. The chiropractor should suggest using a stability ball overhead and bending and holding from one side to another. This is still an ouchy ouchy exercise for me, but I am making progress. I am seriously injured, more so than I thought.

Also, look up how to perform the yoga stretch known as pigeon, and try some Yoga right angle poses as well to dig into that IT Band. If you look pigeon up on the Internet, keep in mind that you may not be able to get your bent leg at a 90 degree angle to your body. It’s ok to keep it tucked in close to your groin. Visit a yoga, Les Mills BodyFlow, or PiYo, instructor if you need fine tuning on these poses.