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Powerlifting with Bent Bar


My gym has 3 20kg bars. They are cheap old and abused, all three are bent in the last year orso (with barely 200kg on them in the squat).

I notice in the deadlift that the bar first wants to get into the bent possision before pulling off the ground. Also with squats it’s more difficult to keep it from moving on your back. The gym owner is a cheap bastard so no luck there. Am I crazy or is this a disadvantage and maybe even dangerous?


You are not crazy.

You might consider buying a bar to donate to the gym, or buying one to bring to and from the gym.


I wouldn’t donate a bar to a gym with such an owner.Imo start looking for a better gym if possible.If not getting stronger with a shitty bar will make you stronger with a good one so just keep training


If it was my only choice, I would. I’ve done something similar with wrestling mats back when I used to fight.


I’d happily donate a barbell to a caring gym owner but not someone that doesn’t give a fuck.But that’s just me
That being said it’s a great move as you’re helping other members too


Exactly. You can benefit a community even if the leader is a dirtbag.


Thanks guys. I’ll see if I can bring my own bar in when deadlifting. That’s the lift it’s most noticable for me.
Unfurtunatly there are no other gyms nearby that allow either chalk or deadlifting or are affordable. I tried to get a few trainingpartners together and rent a small place to train there, but that didn’t work out either. Right now I’m training alone.
I’m not donating a bar, there’s a lot of idiots there who like to put a bar in a corner, and do Tbar rows with 'em.


Don’t use an already stressed bar for anything. Each loading/Unloading/change in direction makes it that little bit weaker. It’s just a matter of time until it gives.

4 buddies, 250$ each and Craig’s list - problem solved.


Ive heard from a lot of the heavier category guys (and agree as one myself), that bent bars can be more comfortable and fit the curve of your back better. Ive never had any issue between squatting with say 220(Kg) with a bent or straight bar.