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Powerlifting Variables

Hey, I’m an aspiring powerlifter. I have a few questions about the possible variables in powerlifting. What I mean is like is there anything more to nutrition training sleep hydration and mobility? If there is, what is it and how can I improve upon so.

You left out being strong, which is one of the more significant variables. Competition experience is huge too.

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Tbh have no idea what you are asking lol. Do you?

Sounds like youre referring to recovery and fatigue management. Certainly there are many variables to consider including some over which you have little to no control. Some you must control are sleep and nutrition. These two are the main controllable determinants of recovery ability. Optional extras like compassionate touching and deloads are available too.

What you can’t control could be stressors, while not necessarily involving lifting, which fill up your maximum recovery cup if you will. It all adds up whether it’s the stress of issues at work or a set of 5x10 Squats.

Training variables are another thing entirely.

Of course being strong, competition experience is a good one

Basically if you lack in my phrased “powerlifting variables” you won’t be your best. Aka if you don’t sleep enough your training will suffer. If you don’t do enough mobility your positioning will suffer, etc

That’s pretty broad mane.

So we looking at stuff like squat, deadlift shoes, wraps, straps, sleeves, belts, sexy clothing (cos who doesn’t do better when they look sexy). Performance enhancing drugs, calibrated plates and expensive barbells for training.

Competition legal clothing and equipment cos never mind doing your best you won’t even compete without them.

Hell you’ve not evened mentioned training even looking at it as one variable. No training no stimulus no adaption.

A program is a variable. Are you on one? Is it a good one? If u want to best results it better be some JoeyFlexx Boris Sheiko looking program.

As someone that hasn’t gotten 8 hours of sleep since 2010 and has never done mobility work, I find neither very important.

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Damn… Not sure if perpetual sleep deprivation or just don’t need that much sleep. If you haven’t slept >8hrs in seven years how do you know if more sleep would be of any benefit or not?

Rarely does anyone need mobility work to get in a decent position but if you want to improve say on your bench arch or getting your hips closer to the bar setting up sumo direct mobility work is handy. Once you’ve achieved the position practicing the lift will maintain adequate mobility.

The former. Wife bought a puppy that still doesn’t sleep through the night, and then a kid was added.


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Tbh sounds like she is conspiring to sabotage your gains lel.

The most logical move was to eat the dog. I shoulda known better.

Not too late. Roast is good. Tastes and looks like roast chicken… not that I would know.

Having had dog before, I’d say that they don’t taste all that great.

Is there a mobility routine for hitched conventional with straps?

The atlas stones and log get you in a pretty good position for it.


Wow ffs. I finally get why the chortle. The point still stands @T3hPwnisher you chortling strongman bastard.

How about shoulder and thoracic mobility for overhead pressing variations? If you’ve never done it and potentially benefited from it how can you discount it?

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Maybe he just doesn’t need it personally. If you have bad mobility then work on it, otherwise stop wasting time and just lift.

You will have to reread what I originally wrote. I didn’t say they don’t do anything, just that I never found them important or necessary. In a discussion of “you NEED these things to succeed”, I would say no.

you need a barbell, and if you’re strong enough, weight plates to add to the barbell.


Next time, before you post ask Chris to make sure its understandable otherwise you will end up with a two week thread.


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