Powerlifting Training

I need some guidance on training for powerlifting. If im trying to up my gains in bench, dead lift, and squat should i be worried about workouts that work each muscle group or just go for workouts that are more full body . Also im a big guy 350 lbs how do i start droping weight without my goals suffering i would love maybe someone advice or diet plan ,exercise routine i will do everything to follow it

In my opinion you should focus on the main lifts now. I wouldn’t even bother with assistance until you’re more developed, just worry about getting in a lot of volume on the main lift to hammer in form. Also go for a heavy single once every week or so to get your body used to load. As far as dieting/ conditioning goes if you just eat clean and push a prowler or any other form of HIIT (I personally believe this is the best way, others might disagree) should help dramatically

Try starting a 5X5 program and just try to walk a few miles most days to start. Later you can start working on specific goals.