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Powerlifting Training Log...Goal 1660


My daily workouts
This is just a posting of my daily routines. I have been lifting for about 20 years and have been competitive for about 6. If you pick something up you haven't used before, please let me know.

Week of March 13
Putting on gear and doing openers
Did 425 on bench easily. That's my opener. Had to order new squat suit.

Friday, March 6, 2009
Warmup sets:
135X10; 225X6; 315X2; 365X2; 405X1
Working Sets
460X3X3 sets

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

It snowed like crazy Monday so I made up today by combining squats and bench. Very rough.

Warmup sets: 135X10; 225X6; 315X2; 365X2; 405X1
Working sets: 460X1; 460X2; 460X2 (went for third and failed, needed help up.)

Warmup sets: 135X11; 225X6; 295X2
Working sets: 365X2 (no help); 365X2 (little help on 2nd); 365x2 (little help on 2nd)

Friday February 27, 2009

Warmup: 135X10; 225X6; 315X2; 365X2
Working sets:
435X1 (Lost grip on 2nd); 435X2 (second barely); 435X1 No Chalk

Warmup: 0lbsX8reps
Working: 45X5 wide grip; 45X5 narrow grip

T-bar Rows
135X6; 180X6; 180X6

Upright Rows (Cables & t-bar)
100X8; 120X6; 140X6

Thursday, February 26, 2009
Cybex Cross Trainer
45 minutes; resistance 35; eliptical height 8; ave rpm 110; avg HR 137; calories burned 830
Horizontal crunch machine--weighted
20lbs X 15
40 lbs X 10 X 2
Hanging leg raises
10 reps X 3 sets; 2 legs bent, 1 legs straight

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Warmup with 135, 225, & 275
Workout 90 percent: 350 X 2 reps X 3 sets

Dumb bell presses
120 X 6 reps
130 X 5 reps
130 X 4 reps

Machine Lateral Shoulder Raises
60 X 10 reps
80 X 8 reps
90 X 6 reps

Rear Delt Machine (Seated)
80 X 8 reps
100 X 6 reps
110 X 6 reps
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Tuesday, February 24, 2009
Cybex Eliptical
45 minutes at resistance level 35
Eliptical depth 7
Average heart rate 137
Calories burned 840

Hanging leg raises
12 legs bent X 2 sets
12 legs straight X 1 set

Seated Crunch Machine
level 13 for 6 reps
level 12 for 10 reps
level 12 for 12 reps
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Monday, February 23, 2009--Squat Day
warmups with 135, 225, 315, and 365.

Leg Presses (nearly vertical)
400(plus machine)X6

Leg Curls Standing Machine
40 (each leg)X8

Thursday, February 19, 2009
Cardio day
Treadmill run X 20 min. @ 10 min. mile
Lower back stretch X 5 min.
Jump rope X 5 min.
weighted upright crunches (machine) 150 X 12; 170 X 10; 190 X 8
hanging leg raises: 12; 10
Treadmill run X 5 min. (cool down) @ 10 min. mile


I went in yesterday to try on my new squat suit and get my openers for this weekend. I never go to the gym this close to a meet, but I didn't want to show up to the meet having never tried on my suit. So here's what happened.

135X6 straps down
225X3 straps down
315X3 straps up (trying to seat the suit)
365X1 straps up
455X1 wrapped and straps up
525X1 wrapped and straps up

525 will be my opener. It went up really easy. I am pretty sure I was all the way in the whole, but I didn't have anyone to watch me. If it goes up easy again on Sunday, I will go for 562 on the second lift and maybe jump to 590 or 600. We'll see.

315X1 straps up
365X1 straps up
455X1 straps up
525X1 straps up

This was harder than it should have been. I will open with 525, see how it feels, and then go up accordingly. To qualify for the men's nationals I need 1660. That means I need something like 600 squat, 460 bench, 600 dl.


Hope you are on your game on the day of reckoning. All the best


I'll post my results here after the weekend. I have another meet, Masters Nationals, in May so I can still qualify for open nationals there, but I hate to cut it that close.


Meet this weekend, March 22, 2009
USAPL PA State Championships

Open 529 no problems; hot as hell in holding area starting to dehydrate; 562 second attempt no good, died in the hole; 562 third attempt, no lift, not low enough

Bench 3 for 3
Opened with 424; second attempt 451; third attempt 468
all white lights...all the time. This was a PR.

Dead Lift
Opened with 529 good lift; second attempt 551, good lift; third attempt 562, out of gas, couldn't move it.

Total 1548.


Sorry to hear it didn't go as well as you had hoped. Looks like you had a damn good bench day. Hope things go your way in May!


I am very happy with my bench. I am pissed about the squat because if I had gotten less than one more inch lower I would have set a total PR of 1580. My next goal is to lose 18 pounds so I can get back to my fighting weight of 198. I am within reach of an American record in 3 lift bench for M1 if I can do that. It's not like I have to attrit a bunch of muscle either. I am at least 2 inches bigger in my waist than I was a year ago.

I am thinking of incorporating some of the conditioning workouts I have read about here into my workout. I want to drop the money for a Prowler, but I gotta save my change. I gotta baby coming in August.


A prowler can work in lieu of a stroller, keep looking for loopholes!


Funny stuff, but I'll need a double stroller as I've already got one carpet-commando at home. I guess I could sodder two seats onto the original Prowler.

Keep lifting heavy.



I'm working on it . . .


I am resting this week after the meet, but will be back on it next week. I am going to shoot for 365 for 8's on my first squat workout. I have to hit it hard as Masters is in less than 5 weeks.


I was back in the gym this morning at 550. I took last week off b/c of the meet on the 22nd. My next meet is supposed to be May 2nd so I am doing an abbreviated cycle. Here it is:

going for 8's but overshot on weight and didn't have a spotter.

warmup 135; 225; 315 (10, 6, 2)
Working sets:
365X6X1 (wimped out on 7)

Good Mornings
These are new for me so I am working on form...suggestions welcome
135X6; 185x6X2

Leg Presses (Precor machine, fairly steep)
450X6X2; 540X6X1

Standing leg curls
70X8; 80X8; 90X8


Cybex eliptical (go ahead make fun)
20 minutes; resistance 35; steepness 10; calories burned 397

Hanging knee raises X 10 X 3 sets

Farmer's walk--2 100lb dumbells 70 yards X 2 sets

Weighted crunches 50lbsX10X2 sets; 75lbsX10X1 set

I am trying to get away from the mindless routine of 45 minutes on a treadmill or eliptical for cardio. I actually got this idea from an article by Steven Morris that he put in the figure athlete forum. It kicked my ass. http://figureathlete.tmuscle.com/free_online_article/training/triple_threats_kill_cardio_and_burn_fat_like_an_athlete


Bench Day--Crazy 8's
Warmup--135x12; 225x6; 275X2
Working sets
315X8X2 sets; 315X7 (ran out of gas)

405X6X2 sets; 455X3X1 set

Front Delt Raises

Rear Delt machine
120X8; 130X6; 140X8



Farmers walk with 2-100lb dumbells X 70 yards X 5 sets.

Walked down & up 1 flight of stairs with 2-50lb dumbells twice X 3 sets.

Hanging leg raises X 10 reps X 3 sets

Incline weighted situps, 35lbs X 8 reps X 3 sets



Dead Lifts
warmup: 135x10; 225x6; 315x2
working: 365x6; 365x8; 365x8
started from standing position...used wrist straps b/c I left chalk at home.

Weigthed Pullups
0x6; 45x3x2



My back was/is really sore. Pushed through squats, but not much after

warmup: 135x10; 225x6; 315x2; 365x1
working: 415x4x3 sets

135x8; 225x6

That's all my back could take



Farmers walk
2-100lbs db x 70 yards x 5 sets

2-50lbs db x 2 flights x 5 sets

took about 30 minutes

hanging leg raises over head
3 sets of 10

incline situps--steep
40 lbs x 8 reps x 3 sets


Cardio??? I bet you couldn't even watch TV while doing that so I don't know why you call it cardio!


Hey man, where do you train?