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Powerlifting To Overcome Drug Addiction




I don't mean to sound insesnsitive because that's awesome he got his stuff together... minus all the divorces... but if he wasn't suck a fuck up to begin with, maybe he could have been a decent lifter.


I dont follow...??


He just means the lifts are sorta weak for someone of his size.

A friend of mine got put in jail for several years for drug addiction. I got him onto powerlifting just before the last time he went in and he's been out and sober for three years now and competing pretty well. Definitely nice to see the effect PL can have.


Oh I see....guess getting in is always harder than getting out with drugs.

Congrats to your bud. Iron cures everything!


I can relate here, STB. I had a big problem with drinking and depression for a few years and it seriously has set my totals back.