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Powerlifting to Olympic Lifting


I'm a 16 year old Powerlifter and I'm starting my 3rd year of lifting and powerlifting competition.

After this powerlifting season ends, I've considered a switch to Olympic Style lifting, but I'm not sure how to do so, and I'm kinda nervous about chunking weight above my head ...

I currently weigh around 260 lbs. and I'm around 5'9".

My meet maxes so far:

355 lb. Squat (INZER Z-SUIT & KNEE WRAPS)


440 lb. Dead-Lift (INZER Z-SUIT)
^missed a 465 lb. 3rd attempt today (1-7-06) because I ripped it off the floor too fast and the momentum put me on my toes ...

RAW Maxes before Powerlifting Training:

345 x 3 Squat

180 x 3 Bench

385 x 1 DeadLift

I've never really done any cleans or anything of the sort because I've never played football ... but ... I have cleaned 135 before, just seein if I could do it.

So, if anyone could leave some advice that may either help with my Powerlifting lifts or with a change to Olympic Lifting, it would be greatly appreciated.


You're a strong kid for 16 years old, but i gotta ask what's with the low bench? Given you're body-type I wouldn't have expected the lagging bench.


If you plan to make the switch to OL, you need to start doing back squats with a moderate width stance, placed high on your traps and going as deep as you can. Practice doing front squats in the racked position, and do OHS with a broomstick with a snatch grip. Mainly practice getting as flexible as possible in the hips, ankles and shoulders.

Make sure you are balancing out your chest work with rowing movements. If you are especially tight in the chest/shoulders, you should consider easing up on your work in those areas and do full range db benches rather than the bb bench as in PL. Oh, also start doing snatch grip deadlifts.

Before you can do the OL correctly, you need to be able to assume the correct positions.


You're 16, good, you're still young enough to quit rocking the confederate flag.


Where are you located in Louisiana, if you are around Baton Rouge visit Gayle Hatch, he is an Olympic lifting coach who has coached the U.S. Olympic lifting team at least twice.

Oh Yeah, please stop rocking the Confederate Flag.


I made the switch. I followed the powerlifting way and even worked out with Louie Simmons twice (one of greatest humans you'll ever meet). I suffered from nagging pain and low level injuries. Last year I switched to olympic lifting. I feel better than I have ever felt. I'm getting stronger. Olympic lifting is the safest form of lifting. Once you do it for about six months you'll understand why. Both lifting styles are great it is only a matter of personal preference. How about giving olympic lifting a one year trial period? For great olympic lifting guidance read Dan John's stuff and get his "From the Ground Up" DVD. Good luck. jim


Definitely check out Gayle Hatch. He knows his shit.

And rock the Rebel flag if you choose.


Can I rock the nazi flag too? I'm full-blooded German and proud of my language and culture and since the nazi invasion of western europe was the last organizationally uniting movement (even if it was forced on some people) of those people who share many aspects of my culture (some western polls and western checz, austrians, the swiss, the danish, and a host of others). Do you know how much shit I would catch for doing that, even though my intention would have been a far cry from the symbolism the vast majority of people associate with the nazi flag and other such nazi symbolism?


yea the bench you gotta work on im 14 and bench 225 2 times, I had a REAL big problem with power clinging everyone was lifting 2x more than me and I was a heel of alot stroger than them but theres 3 things to be badass at clinging 3 steaps

3.and just wanting it thats really what power clinging is lol


Yes, you can.


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Why should it matter what other people think?
As long as you know why you're proud of it, I don't see anything wrong with it.

I do understand what you mean though. It's sad that people can't express themselves because they know that the general public will take it the wrong way, and it could lead to many confrontations that might not be worth it (and could actually be dangerous).

I wouldn't do it, but I will always support your (or anyone else's) right to.


SWR-1222D - I totally agree with you, I suppose my commentary was just misconstrued.

I just mean to point out that the reaction to nazi paraphanelia is much more visceral on the part of most people than is their reaction to confederate paraphanelia. Both regimes - the nazis and those from whom the confederacy was born - committed absolutely atrocious things - killing, maming and dehumanizing groups of people simply because they were ethnically different. In both cases the victims of such action were integral parts of the dominant group, their economies and their cultures, demonstrating the lack of practicality on the part of the perpitrating groups.

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I personally would not do any of that which I rhetorically proposed, I meant it simply as an illistrative exercise.


To be clear, I'm with BIGAROO and SWD on this. I think the Confederacy represented freedom to a much greater degree than the Nazis ever did. Also, while the South took a stance on slavery and many did commit atrocious acts in the cause, they were not sold on wholesale genocide the same way the Nazis were.

But you're right, it's funny that the Stars and Bars is taboo in some areas and not in others. The visceral response to the swastika is also funny especially when I see people wearing Che Guevara t-shirts or the hammer and sickel. The Flying Crosses are pretty funny too. Makes the Stars and bars seem tame.


It is a free country and nobody is stopping you.


alright so i dont know anything about squat suits and bench shirts and knee wraps and such...

but when using them shouldnt your numbers be significantly better than your raw numbers? a 355 squat with or without the suit and wraps is not as impressive as a 345x3 squat...or am i missing something?

i would think someone that hits that three times should be able to squat 370+. perhaps im missing something here. also, the raw bench, and im not going to rag on how its not that impressive to begin with, is more impressive than a 205 shirted bench...to me at least.

it seems the only thing that has really gone anywhere is that deadlift. i dont mean to be rude, maybe im missing something. i do recall reading something about those squat suits being pretty restrictive and making it hard to even hit parallel with max weights...dont know who said that, but if this is along the same lines, just keep in mind i dont know anything about suited/shirted lifts


I second what bamit said check out coach Hatch in Baton Rouge .If you are up around north Louisiana there is a program that is run threw LSU S but that is about all I know of it .

Oh yea coach hatch works out of spectrum gym here in BR.


What in God's name are you talking about? What the fuck is power clinging and in general, I have no idea what you are saying.


Please tell me you had a sarcastic smile on your face when you wrote this.

Or are you legally blind?


What's wrong with Ernesto "El Che" Guevarra?