Powerlifting to Bodybuilding?

Hi all, I am hoping my questions does not sound to noobish. But I have been training for roughly 4 years now and have always trained powerlifting style and concentrating on the compound movements, especially the 3(4) main lifts, bench, d-lift and squat (also military press).

But still with or without my shirt I dont look like much of a lifter, even though I can lift more than those around in the gym…450 d-lift, 380 squat, 250 b-press(recovering from shoulder injury).

The mirror muscles are just not there. Someone point me in some kind of direction and sure call me narcicist or whatever but yeah I want to be able to lift big but also look good. I am 6ft tall at about 223lbs.

What kind of system should i follow and I know I really need help with my diet. Some pointers at least what programs, I was looking at the Ibuilder and sorts.

I can train as often as needed. Sorry for the bother, in any case if I dont get any good response I will probably follow Wendell 531 and continue powerlifting.

Thanks strong people.


I made a similar transition from strength focused relatively recently and diet is definitely the big jump. I would recommend reading all the articles on here by Shelby Starnes and John Meadows. From there I bought all Shelby’s e-books off elitefts, buy the Shelby triple pack if you do. It’s definitely worth the effort.
How is your diet right now? Average day?

Diet, has much to b3 desired. I live in Puerto Rico and rice and beans is part of your daily meal. At home, all is whole wheat; bread, pasta, rice. When I attempt to diet down I am able to lose a few lbs and cut down to about 210, but truthfully even than I still have high fat. Maybe just bad genes.

But I dont really follow any diet program, most are 2 damn complicated…

day 1 chest/shoulders
day 2 back/hams
day 3 arms/calves
day 4 off
day 5 chest/back (pump/feel)
day 6 legs/calves
day 7 off

diet: 6-7 meals consisting of 45/40/15 p/c/f

chicken/fish/eggs/lean beef/whey/beans/rice/oats/quinoa/peanut butter/evoo/coconut oil/grassfed butter

get a scale and measuring cups/spoons and measure everything you eat