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Powerlifting the Movie



For all those that don�??t know Power Unlimited is the documentary on powerlifting and it has been a long time coming. This film chronicals the history of an amazing sport through archival footage and interviews from pioneers such as Ed Coan, Lee Moran, Kirk Karwoski, Bev Francis and many other legendary contributors. In addition to showing the past, Power Unlimited introduces the world to the future of the sport through the eyes of novices, international lifters, coaches, and from the unique perspectives of rising stars like Priscilla Ribic, Scot Mendelson, Scott Cartwright, and many more. For decades powerlifting and powerlifters have toiled in obscurity, but now everyone will know why it is the most powerful sport on earth.

If there are still questions as to what this is all about still go to www.powerunlimitedthemovie.com and check out personal interviews with Bev Francis, David Ricks, or Kevin Nee and more. Or just check out the preview for the movie there. Or check out the a 50 second preview and a 3 minute preview at http://youtube.com/powerunlimitedmovie This is a movie for powerlifters made by powerlifters.


I cant wait to see that!

Definatley gonna be in my dvd collection as soon as it comes out.


I hope this movie does for powerlifting what Pumping Iron did for bodybuilding.


It's about damn time. This movie has been coming out for the last 2 years!


It won't, Arnold had charisma.


Well I hope it has someone like Arnold in it.


nobodys like arnold, but hopefully this increases the popularity of powerlifting as it and bodybuilding are the greatest sports of all time.


Kara Bohigian was in one of the trailers. She has a better chest than Arnold in my opinion :slightly_smiling:


Yeah I was surprised most of the female powerlifters were pretty attractive.


I already pre-ordered a copy. It's been a long time coming, and it figures to be a great film...


Don't forget oly lifting and strongman.