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Powerlifting Templates



I'm a complete newbie to powerlifting and am in the process of developing my training template. Anybody using something that is different from the basic Westside stuff? I was hoping for some alternative ideas. It's not that I don't like the Westside set-up or the like, I was just hoping to get as many options as possible to consider when developing my own plan of attack. Cheers.


I'm not necessarily recommending any of these, but google the following terms:

Sheiko (or Sheyko as it's sometimes spelt)

Korte 3x3

Christian Thibaudeau auto-regulating

Bill Starr 5x5

personally I'm sold on westside, although I've tried all of the above with 'some' success. Sheyko is v high volume - good for learning the 3 lifts but be wary of overtraining. 3x3 is a tad high volume/low intensity IMO, and excruciatingly dull. CT's auto-regulating worked well for me, but I was bored by the end.


depending on how "new" you are to lifting in general, a lot of people get strong using a bill starr approach...