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Powerlifting Technology?


Hey guys, I'm an avid lifter, but also a computer geek as well. I've seen various camera systems for judging the speed of the bar for Olympic lifts, but are there any systems out there for judging squat/dead/bench explosiveness? If there isn't, do you see a need for it?


A TENDO unit sounds like what you're looking for. We use these for speed squats and high pulls here at OU.


I know Mike Tuchscherer puts some stock in them as well.


I seem to remember Louie S mentioning the tendo unit in a couple of articles.


I'm in the process of building one of these. I may try to commercialize it on a small or large scale.

Its completely wireless and much, much cheaper than any of the available products I've seen like it.

Because I'm a nerd, I want to run a data mining algorithms on bar speed for various programming strategies and rep ranges and see if anything interesting pops out. With my product you just strap a watch like device to the bar, instead of hooking up a bunch of wires and annoying shit like that.

Another product out there is dartfish, that does all this by analyzing frame by frame video.


They should just make an e-Barbell that saves your workout information (weights, reps, acceleration) and transmits wirelessly to your email or something. It could work rather well; you wouldn't need all that much in terms of electronics.


OU is very Louie-friendly so that makes sense. What did he say about them? Positive stuff I'm guessing.


you mean an iBarbell? it also plays music and tweets your progress


If you want more data points I'd be happy to help as well. Also would be interested in post processing and analysis.


actually I don't think he spoke very favourably about them, I remember reading something to the effect of guys got so caught up in increasing the readings that form went to hell and their lifts actually suffered


That makes sense. I still think its useful when used properly though. Not necessary, but a good tool.