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Powerlifting/Strength Training Program Critique

Been strength training for around 9 or so weeks and have seen pretty solid gains, just wondering if there would be anything you’d change for a beginner looking to get into strongman/power lifting, been following a straight set linear progression style program and I’m gonna ride this out for as long as possible before getting more advanced like ramping sets, westside ect.

Program is as follows:
Main lifts: Over head press,bench, squat and deadlift= 3 warmup sets of 5 (ramping) and 3 Heavy working sets straight across 3-5 (every time a hit 5 I add 2 kg). 2 minutes rest between sets.

Assistance: 3 sets of 8-12 (1 minute rest) these include: bentover row,barbell shrugs,bicep curls and Pullups mixed grip.

This weeks example was:

Bentover row


Bicep curls

Diet= eat whatever I want with the standard 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight.(my goal isn’t asthetic related just trying to get as strong as possible)


As a beginner, I would strongly suggest that you focus on building a base of muscle for long term progression, especially for the upper body.

[quote]Con97sa wrote:
Diet= eat whatever I want with the standard 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight.(my goal isn’t asthetic related just trying to get as strong as possible)

I think following this approach will end up with you inevitably getting fat and unhealthy. This is your decision to make, just be aware of the consequences of your actions.

Personally not sure why you dont have at least 1 deadlift movement in this.

Why dont you have another bench session on Friday? Mean sure you can still do bicep curl on Friday but if powerlifting is the goal then another Bench session would be a smart idea even if it is close grip.

I highly suggest you reconsider the diet and put a lot more effort into it.

I’ve seen much, much worse but I’d add more benching. I’d say add bench on Friday. Also consider ditching the shrugs for heavy dumbbell rows, IMO they’ll be much more helpful to you.

The progression seems fine, although I wouldn’t get too fixated on the two minute rests. Try just waiting until you feel ready.

Diet I’m with dagill2: try to keep it clean, avoiding junk and processed stuff. Not doing this will really risk a lot of fat gain.

if your goal is not aesthetic
but to get as strong as possible
and you think you are going to train long term
keep a log for diet and training see how your body reacts different calorie counts,macros and training
that way if you get to fat you should have a good understanding of how your body reacts and you can adjust from there

my goals kinda like yours, for my protein count, i only count protein from meat, eggs,milk any other proteins just considered extra

Thanks guys, I’ll definitley work on my diet more, and I’ve added an extra deadlift day and thrown out a lot of the assistance that I don’t need.

You do not need to throw out “assistance you don’t need” at this stage. Your body can handle a lot of volume. Building up work capacity and muscle mass should be top priorities along with increasing the numbers on the bar. Do not buy in to the “strength training mentality” at this stage of your training.