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Powerlifting Split 10 Weeks Out from Peak Week


Im currently on my de load week and will be 10 weeks out from my peak week before my meet in June. Ive been playing around with some splits but cant find a decent one and wondering if anyone has any good suggestions to fully maximise strength gains with frequency per week as i enjoy volume training, and tend to de load every 4 weeks.

I am new to powerlifting and was a bodybuilder before hand so may be thinking with more a BBing brain rather than Plifting unfortunately. I am wanting to train the lifts ideally twice a week with 1 deadlift session and a variation session, again im not sure which day that could be on for it to be most effective!

Currently i was doing;
Mon - Squat, deadlift variation
Tues - Bench, Rows and presses
Thurs - Front squat, strict press and presses + Rows
Friday - Deadlifts, rows and RDL’s
Saturday - Accessory work (arms and isolation stuff).

I do feel like some stuff gets in the way just not sure how to juggle best or even go 3 heavy days with 2 squats, 2 bench and 1 deadlift day, finishing with an accessory day?!

Any help would be awesome, wana keep it simple but have amp recovery before each session.



If I were in your spot, I’d hop on a tried and true peaking program. Run that through this meet and give your plan a go after. After a meet all you really need to do is accumulate volume so you can try something new like this your first few weeks back, then take a deload and adjust weekly volume up or down from there based on how things went

As far as that specific plan, I’d switch around the front squat and deadlift days personally. Better to have a lackluster front squat day because you’re sore from deadlifts than vice versa


Definitely pick a proven program. You may find Cube is to your liking, or Paul Carter’s Base Building.


I’ve never competed before so take my words with a grain of salt
I love westside temple cause on dynamic effort days you work on your set up so many times.Let’s say you do 9 sets on bench(although you can do 12,15 even 20 if you want).In 10 weeks you’ll have done 90 first reps just that day where in most programs you’d do 40 or so
Also once per week you’ll be handling weights so close to your competition max.When I got 265 on my hands(which was a 10 pound pr) it felt like nothing special.Working with such heavy weights for so long has given me confidence and I’m able to treat 95+% weights like any other percentage


Awesome cheers pal, tbh that sounds the best idea! I do like the jonnie candito one it looks tough but fun. I do prefer the longer peaking programmes and just made myself a simple linear progression over next 10 weeks starting at 80% going up 2% each week with a planned deload at week 5 and tapering last couple weeks with a week deload before the meet.

I roughly did this last time tried to use a Russian style approach as I didn’t have long but seemed to work well. I don’t like to sound snobby or ignorant but I enjoy making my own programming and see what works well for me just the same with diets etc, nothing against other programmes but feel like I achieved more if you get me. You are probably right though and will definitely look into those programmes this week.

Currently at 473 squat, 375 bench and 550 deadlift at my first meet in February at 191lbs. Aiming to try and get a 500 squat, 400 bench and 600 deadlift come June. So if I can ramp up volume and do anything extra to get there I will have a good bash!

cheers guys!