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Powerlifting Specific for a Raw Teen Lifter

Hi Jim,

I have tried to run the original 531 but to be honest i didn’t like it because the idea of working on 65% and 75% of my 90% max is not a thing i like as they were too easy and i read powerlifting version thats 351 with joker sets but still…
I was thinking about a program that has 2 squats day, 2 bench days and 1 deadlift day with OHP.
The thing is that my bench is really weak.
19 years old 185lbs 5’8
265lbs bench
535 deadlift
510 squats with wraps.
I have a tooth pick arms but thats not a problem as i care for strength more.
So please if theres any program that has what i feel will work i would be really happy to know and thanks for your time and help !

If you don’t like 5/3/1 principles and working at sub max percentages and on a training max that is sub max then you’re in the wrong forum. You might be able to get away with this because you’re young but

" i didn’t like it because the idea of working on 65% and 75% of my 90% max is not a thing i like as they were too easy"

means I don’t like to progress slowly, I want it all now. Focus on the bar speed if those primer sets are light, they’re supposed to be light. Stick with it enough months and progress your TM and no way you’ll be saying it’s too easy after you run into some widowmaker sets for 20squats after a 5+ set or a 5+ set that used to be your training max. Why not trust the process and put on 30 lbs on your press movements and 60lbs instead of hopping from program to program and stalling out and not getting anywhere.

I can’t get my head around two things:

  • Not believing in a program then asking it’s creater to endorse some shit you plucked out your arse LOL
  • Believing adding muscle mass to your arms won’t make you stronger

Now, I’m off to slap myself as hard as I can in the hope that it somehow travels through the interwebs and knocks the stupid out of you.


What l meant to say is my arm size does not really matter for me as long as my strength is increasing so i wouldnt mind to have a program without direct armwork.
And i didn’t like the original program for the reasons i mentioned above and thats why i am asking the creator to help me with what should i do and how i have to customize it :slight_smile:

@saidsakas you may not get an answer from Jim here. You should have purchased the e-book and actually read it like I told you in your other thread just a few hours ago. It is obvious you do not understand the program at all and to this point have put very little effort into understanding effective programming.


There’s some good stuff in Beyond 531 that makes the programme even better for competitive powerlifters.

I am very confused. You want me to write you a program that’s not my program?

I believe everyone should find their way and you need to find yours - so start learning and experimenting. What could help you is learning the different principles that drive different programs/religions/philosophies/businesses, etc. That was the biggest help to me. You copy, then translate and then evolve.


If I’m not wrong OP starts threads like this fairly regularly. Never seems to take any advice on board, always seems to find no program works despite only working with them for short periods.

That should explain why the numbers OP wrote does not fit to the equation.

I mean, 19 year old is pulling 535 and starting threads like this. Seems either BS or troll to me.

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this. you forgot to mention 185 pound 19 year old pulling 535 (2.9X bodyweight).

Forgot to mention that im rated 2nd in israel in teens :smiley:




Also around that same time in May…


To be fair, the OP’s story is generally consistent. It’s not like some guys where they tell you they’ve been lifting for 2 years, then say they’ve been lifting for 6 months, and their age / lifts are basically numbers they pluck out of the air at any given time.

However, Mark is right that he’s started four or five “program” threads in less than six months, including one where he essentially told Jim Wendler that he liked the idea of 5/3/1 but wanted to lift heavier so he asked if Jim could write him a new 5/3/1 (really classic stuff, there).

So we have a talented individual who likes to overthink a little? Don’t worry OP, many of us have been there also, and most aren’t even talented.

So my advice is this: find some local coach/powerlifting (or WL) community and join there. You’ll get advice/insight that will help you a lot. If you choose to do 5/3/1 (which is a very good program), do it as written.

Also, don’t ask people to tweak their program when it hurts the basic principles they have built in it.

Besides of that. Go forward and take that 1st place!

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