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Powerlifting Singlets

Where did/do you guys buy your singlets? Anywhere I can get a plain, solid colored PL singlet (not a wrestling one)?


Just get a wrestling singlet, they are fine. I got mine from EliteFTS back when they still carried them, you can also get them from Inzer but they’re more expensive than a wrestling one and why spend the extra money on a damn singlet?


monster muscle

Try plgearonline

for the3 USAPL/IPF:

Non-Supportive Wrestling and weightlifting singlet suits are subject to the specifications itemized ©, (d) and (e). The suit does not require Technical Committee approval

© Seams and hems must not exceed 3 cm in width and 0.5 cm in thickness. Only non-supportive singlet suits may have seams and hems exceeding 3 cm in width. The non-supportive singlet may also have a double thickness of the same material size 12 cm x 24 cm in the area of the crotch.

(d) Seams may be protected or strengthened by narrow gauge webbing or stretch material not exceeding 2 cm in width and 0.5 cm in thickness.

(e) It must have legs. The length of leg must be a minimum of 3 cm and maximum of 15 cm. Measurement is to be taken on a line from the top of the crotch down the inside of the leg. The leg of the suit needs not to be cut to form exactly a parallel around the leg. It may be cut higher on the outside of the leg. Non supportive costumes may have leg length to a maximum of 25 cm.

The most crucial part of all this is the inseam length cannot exceed 25 cm (9.85 in.) Most wrestling singlets have longer inseams. For a local meet, usually any singlet will be fine. The inseam restriction is so that knee wraps/sleeves do not touch the singlet.

Thanks for the replies.