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Powerlifting Shoes - Risto Olimpico?

Hi !!

So I’ve been looking to buy lifting shoes (powerlifting) for about a month but because I use a small size (5 for men), I have a hard time finding shoes online to receive them in Montreal. (Adipower are 300$ when you find them at 150 at another size or in the usa), and it’s only an example because I have only a few choices.

The best fit I guess are the Risto Olimpico and I have the VS athletics too that don’t look so great in comparaison to the Risto. I’m looking for high hills because even I am small (1.55 m) and even if I can squat with a good depth (but I can use them to keep my chest up), it’s also for my bench because my fit aren’t so close if I want them to touch the floor.

So I wanted to have your opinion on the Risto because I saw that they are maybe to light? And maybe another way to get shoes from Montreal if you have the same size problem than me!

Thank you so much!!

I don’t know anything about those shoes, but check Rogue (search “rogue Canada”), they can give you a price in Canadian dollars and the prices are reasonable, plus it includes customs fees. You can get weightlifting shoes for under 200.

I second chris’ suggestion: check out Rogue Canada.

I received a pair of Rogue Do-Wins over the summer and they are fantastic. I was wearing a pair of Adi-Powers and really haven’t noticed a difference in quality. Given that the Adi-Powers will be more than double, the Do-Wins are definitely the superior buy.

Thanks for your answer ! I agree with the quality of the Do win and it’s actually the only shoe that has my size on the Rogue, I already checked them. But I read that they’re pretty wide and they may be to wide for my feet?

Do-win brand shoes do seem to fit wide…which isn’t an issue for me because I have a wide foot! Follow their sizing instructions the best you can.

garagegymreviews has a decent write up for the Olimpicos.

IMO it’s has that cool old school hand made wooden heel aesthetic going for it but really is not in the same league in terms of overall quality as other shoes in the same category or even past offerings such as classics from Adidas and Asics. Needless to say they get beaten all ends up by the Adipowers.

Actually… am pretty sure VS shoes have the highest heel height out of all the shoes you’ve mentioned i.e. will allow you to get most vertical torso position in a squat. Either that or they are talking about true heel height instead of effective heel height.

IMO the Ristos look as bad as the VS Athletics shoes lel. Can’t beat the look of the Romaleos 2, at least for less than $300 because pretty sure classic adidas lifters are running anywhere up to $900 in some places)

The light weight of the shoe would probably let you get your feet into position quicker in weightlifting and probably won’t affect lifting negatively in power lifting.

I don’t know your situation e.g. money is really tight (in which case you shouldn’t even be looking at new shoes) but if I was you I’d pay the extra money and get a pair of shoes that looks better, performs better and will probably out last the Olimpicos by 10 years. Maybe you could get some Romaleos 2 on discount now that the 3s have come out.

Keep searching tho and maybe you’ll have to look outside of the big stores/suppliers online or even look for brick and mortar stores in your province.

I have a pair of Ristos and am extremely happy with them.
This is also the only pair of lifters I have ever owned, so I don’t have anything to compare them too…
The quality of them is fantastic, and besides just being dirty, they don’t look much different from the first day I got them. And at this point, they feel perfectly fitted to my feet. The wood does make them sound like you are walking around in a pair of high heels, but whatever.