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Powerlifting Shoes Help or Not?


I am a highschool student, ive been lifting for 4 years now. Im still having bit of problems getting down to the 90 degree angle for sqauts. It seems like i want to go on my toes more than my heal which is wrong. Right? I was wondering if i got the powerlifting shoes with the insert in the heel, would it help me out and make a difference?


I have no idea about the shoes, but it sounds like you may be lacking flexibility in your lower back, hamstrings, or even calves. Try stretching these areas (not right before a workout though, sometime at night). Also, you can try overhead squats. They've done amazing things for my flexibility. As far as shoes go, I wear an old ass pair of Airwalks which are worn so thin I can feel pretty much any imperfect in the ground through them. They're the closest thing I can get to squatting barefoot without getting kicked out of my gym.


What form are you using?

How wide is your stance and how much are you sitting back.

I find it next to impossible that someone can't squat to 90 degrees at your age. I would use the search feature and look for Dave Tate's article on Box Squatting. Westside suggests squatting with a flat soled shoe, although it's not impossible to do with a shoe that has a heel. I'd recommend to go without the heel though if you can. It'll teach you how to sit back and not down into the squat as well as "spreading the floor apart" with your feet. These things should make it "easier". Good luck.


Yea, if you can't get down to 90 degrees with a shoulder width stance, you REALLY need to work on your flexibility, and these shoes aren't going to change that. You are asking for an injury if you are really that inflexible.


Actually I have another question. How do you sit down?


Hmm. While they have already taken care of the real problem at hand, those shoes are for weightlifting, not powerlifting. For PLing, chuck taylors will do better. For weightlifting however, it is useful to have a heel.


You might want to "relearn" how to squat dude.

get a broom stick, hold it as high over your head as you can, spread your feet out about shoulder width, squat down until your ass hits your legs, or some of that really long grass that people keep talking about.

practice doing this about 100 times a day. That's right, 100 overhead broomstick squats a day.

Odds are, you're gonna fall over and get nowhere near close to the ground the first few times you try this. Then eventually you'll get the flexibility you need to get your ass to the ground.

If you're a POWERLIFTER (nice shoes by the way, and no, we don't know your bodyfat) then you should start doing box squats after you get your range of motion up to par. Build a box that you can sit on so that your ass is between parallel and maybe a half inch below parallel. Start box squatting. Get that feeling of SITTING BACK onto the box.

Your range of motion issues should be fixed after a month with a broomstick, and a box.

Good luck.


Chuck Taylors.

Not only will you lift well you'll look so damn good it's crazy.

I bat away the Cardio Bunnies when I'm wearing them.

"No missy, wait til I'm done squatting."


Okay so Chuck Taylors are ugly as sin, but I wouldn't wear anything else for deadlifts or squats.


btw though, those adidas(correct? I believe those are the adistars..) arenice.


I do all my squats and deadlifts barefoot. Love the results.