Powerlifting Routine Help

I am 6’7 215lbs. and I want to gain 35-40lbs. of mass and put 100lbs. on all of my lifts.
My lifts are as follows:
Bench: 235
Squat: 340
Deadlift: 360
Anyone have any insight on how I can reach my goal?

1.35-40 pounds of muscle will take years
2.You can put way more pounds,especially on your squat and deadlift if you keep training consistently for years

531,cube,destroy the opposition,westside,seiko ect will all work as long as you are smart and do them for a long time.So how do you prefer to train?Do you like constantly maxing out on different exercises?Or do you prefer rep prs?Or many sets and total volume?

Another very important factor I forgot to ask you is your training experience.Some videos of your lifts would also help

  1. How old are you?
  2. What kind of a time frame are you allowing yourself to achieve these goals?
  3. Training frequency?

I went from 175 to 230 in about 18 months running nothing but 5x5 programs with minimal assistance work. Of course I was a bare bones beginner, and like others have said your training experience will play a large role in what type of program is optimal for you and how efficiently you’ll put on weight. Assuming you want to compete and be competitive, you will be at a disadvantage at 6’7" weighing only 215. You are going to have to start slamming down the calories brother.

Pick a program, follow it consistently and work hard. Eat lots of good food. Be patient.

If it really is just the competition lifts you want to increase I’d say Cube would be a good place to start. Otherwise a 531 variation would probably work well.


You should be aiming to go about 300 at that height. You’d be a monster. I’d say definitely take a weight gainer in addition to what your eating. I like fast gain 3000. It’ll take time but you’ll gain strength and size if you keep pushing yourself and eating like crazy

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I am 16. I would like to put on 20-30lbs. over the course of the next year. I train 4 times a week Compound lifts supersetted with isolation

Judging by your lifts you’re probably past the point where you could run a true beginner’s program for a meaningful amount of time. Id look into Madcow 5x5, the Texas Method, or 5/3/1 boring but big. All 3 focus almost exclusively on compound lifts and will get you stronger very quickly if you follow them correctly and eat enough. Isolation lifts will do little to add size and strength and are better for refining existing musculature. Id say don’t bother with it for now. Get big and strong and worry about tweaking the minute details of your physique later. The most important thing to gaining weight is eating more. Its the number one reason guys don’t get big, they just don’t eat enough. If that number on the scale isn’t going up you’re not eating enough.

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Eat a lot. Lift consistently. Rest/lounge around even more. Find a program you believe will help that has good reviews on strength/size gains and run it to the bone.

Do this consistently for a long time. Everyone grows differently. Be patient. It all takes time.

Nothing new here just stressing find a routine you like and that’s been proven several suggested above, find something you like and enjoy, probably the most important, Stay CONSISTANT. You’re tall and can definitely gain some weight and will as long as you keep up with it and EAT.

Also use good form, have your whole life to get strong don’t mess something up because you are using crappy technique.

Good luck keep us posted

Another suggestion for a program that I didn’t see above was Candito’s program. I’ve had some great success with it. His methods can be used long term as well.

At your age and height thats actually pretty doable, train like this…

and eat a bucket load of clean food