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Powerlifting Quotes


anybody know any motivational or funny powerlifting quotes? besides you know you're a powerlifter when... stuff.


"I wouldn't tell somebody that they weren't a powerlifter because they only bench pressed, or they only bench pressed and deadlifted, but, what the hell is wrong with squatting? What are you, afraid? I thought powerlifters were supposed to be big, tough guys. Strap your cock on, leave your pussy at home, put a bar on your back and bend your knees!" - 'Captain' Kirk Karwoski

My personal favorite. Taken straight from my Facebook quotes section.


"Most powerlifters share some common defects. We, as a whole for whatever reason, LOVE to punish, beat and torture ourselves beyond the limits of mind and body. It is our spirit that prevails. This defect of intelligence and sensibility pushes us on to the next level, makes us better and stronger. We all have lifted sick and badly hurt. When this subject comes up with normal people and other meatheads, we all have that prideful smile when we talk about lifting with a 100 degree temperature or a torn groin. Thank God that therapy doesn't work on us." - Kirk Karwoski

He's pretty much the man.


kirk is god. anyone know where i can watch powerunlimited the movie?


You can buy it here and watch it all you want: http://www.supertraininggym.com/teamstore/powerunlimiteddvd.html

There's very little money in powerlifting DVDs and they cost more to produce than mainstream DVDs because of the smaller quantities. There is nothing that angers me more than people loading up powerlifting DVDs on torrent sites or youtube. Forget the FBI...I want to hunt them down and punish them personally. If you want to see more long-form powerlifting media, cough up a couple bucks for it so that it's worthwhile to produce.


i bought the dvd JimMcD. great movie, tons of great quotes.


I have no doubt found my people.


A couple of use were having a shitty day lifting,...just a bad vibe in the gym that day...

To put things into perspective, I said, "Well, we could be jogging." The day went much better after that.

Now if anyone is having a bad day, we all say, well we could be jogging, and that persons day goes better.


My personal favorite: Die... Or get strong trying.

Not sure who originated it.


Just saw this one and it made me chuckle:

"Have you ever noticed an athlete in the weight room who is built like Tarzan, yet lifts weights better suited for Jane? Yet, there are other athletes who are every bit as strong and functional as they look" by Joe DeFranco

Also from the same page:

"But remember that no matter how bad those high-rep sets of leg extensions burn, they will never build the strength, power, and functional hypertrophy of a heavy set of squats or deads!"


â??Knowing others is wisdom; Knowing the self is enlightenment; Mastering others requires force; Mastering the self needs strengthâ??


I smell a classic!


Did he really say the word...functional? Oh my...


My training partner said to Mark Felix "Have you ever heard of gravity" after a set of deadlifts lol.


To press a lot, you must press a lot. -Boris Sheiko






Similar to Sheiko, Kokylaev said "to get strong squat, squat, squat" he squats everyday.


Kokylaev is a crazy as long as those average broz gymnasium guys. Would love to try and spend 2 weeks doing that.


Well aint that dumb. I have a better guote: "To get strong, do everything". That's by me. You can use it if you want.