Powerlifting Project

Ok, here it goes. I’ve been assigned a project in my personal fitness trainer course on “Health Promotion” where I have to make a poster targeting a specific population to “Promote Health & Active Living to”.

I’m trying to gear my focus towards powerlifters and any athletes requiring strength because I am not interested in trying to target an easy or generic population. Not to say powerlifters and most ahtletes are an unhealthy bunch or need much help with being healthy, but after reading about the Dave Tate project, and some of Dave’s other articles on elitefts about GPP I think I found one way to promote “wellness” to my population.

I’m just wondering if there’s more references or websites out there dealing with other ways to “Promote Health & Active Living” to powerlifters or strength athletes.

I want to keep powerlifters and strength ahthletes powerlifting and at the top of their game respectively. If you can point me in the right direction this would be much appreciated.

Id ask Eric Cressey and Mike Robertson as well in thier respective locker rooms. Both very good PLers and both into the health and longevity aspects of lifters in general.

Thanks Phil. I appreciate the reply.

Keeping us powerlifters healthy could prove to be a big job. But I look forward to the info.


The Elite FTS website has nutritional and rehab/prehab info for strength athletes.

Thanks deadlifter I guess I haven’t read all of the articles on elitefts, I’ll have to check them out.

Maybe I will post my project on T-Nation after it’s completed depending on how well it’s done.

I’m bumping my own post to ask anybody out there if they know of any studies of the effects of health of individuals who are not obese, but, who carry around excessive muscle mass leading to problems. Any help would be appreciated.

NFL linemen do not live to the normal life expectancy.

Start there. The beating you take and the things you do to continue playing affects your immune system, and the high bodyweight is no help, even if you slim down afterward.

i figure i have taken a few years off my life, but i had strong years instead of old broken down geezer years!Maybe the no tobacco, and clean living will even it out.

The unpursued PR is not worth living for!