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Powerlifting Progress log (Tri-phasic (ish))


Hey everyone.

I competed in Weightlifting for about 6 years and then moved to a mix of powerlifting and bodybuilding.

I work as a Strength & Conditioning Coach at an NCAA University and am working on my MSc in Exercise Science.

I just wanted to start a log to keep me motivated. A lot of my methods are a bit crazy, but I enjoy them and it keeps things fresh. Also I feel that by doing odd tempos, chain stuff etc... that even if it doesnt work, then at least I will learn something new. :slight_smile:

My all time best as this body-weight is 395 squat, 315 bench, 500 deadlift and a chin-up with +125 lbs.
My goals by then end of this program are 425 squat, 335 bench, 535 deadlift and +135 in the chin-up.


Here are some of the high lights of the first phase (eccentric)


Here are some high-lights so far from phase 2 (isometric)


Pretty brutal Isometric Squat session.

Did 6 sets of paused squat for 2-3 reps
followed by 4 rounds of a posterior chain circut
Followed by 6 sets of paused squats with chains for 4-6 reps



Almost done the Isometric Phase


315 is my current 1rm with no pause and after a good taper, so even though the pause on 315 today was way shorter then I had planned, im still super happy concidering how i still have almost 3 weeks left on the program and a good 5 day taper!


Last lower body session of the Isometic phase


On to phase 3 which is high frequency.
No fancy tempos or pauses just hard lifting 5 days/week. Each day including some form of squat, press, deadlift and upper back work.


Start of Week 2 of high-frequency. Pretty beet up, but still setting rep PRs


new front squat 2rm,

Unfortunatly I tweeked my back today and had to skip the deadlifts.
Will take tomorrow off, hopefully its feeling decent by tuesday.


Back is still a bit messed, but not too bad once i get warmed up

This is the first lift of the final week of high frequency, then ill taper and test when fresh.


front squat is feeling good!

after i taper and test for the squat, bench and DL, i will be doing a program focusing on Front squat (goal of 365) and military press.



Final Test day! Happy to say I hit all my minimum goals, and all but 1 of my Maxiumum goals.

The only one i didnt hit was 242 deadlift. Tried twice but couldnt break it off the ground.