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Powerlifting Program


I was wondering if anyone could suggest a good training program that would pack on the muscle. I am more focused on gaining muscle mass than shaping my muscles, so I assume that the best program for me would be a powerlifting one as opposed to body building one; if I am wrong please correct me. Also, is it possible to train for power and endurance at the same time?


Hey there Pitbull! I saw your previous thread and wanted to congradulate you on your stats. You are only 16 years old?? I was wondering if you participated in any kind of sports that helped you achieve your numbers. If so, what sport, position, and etc..School/state? As you know, It depends on your goals, in which a program would yield best results. If you are an athelete, you may want to train differently? Just my take! Posting your previous training methods/template and briefly answering the questions i posted above would also be beneficial for T-nationers to help critique. (P.S. The school and the state/city you play for are just out of my curiosity if you play a sport =)


I usually play football but I'm taking this year off due to an excessive workload from my AP courses. I also wrestle. The sports didn't help me achieve anything as the training programs sucked for anything but hypertrophy. The coaches had us doing 8+ sets of 10+ reps on everything, ridiculous in my opinion for any contact sport. I play for Jackson Memorial High School in New Jersey. I was on a 3x10 bench plan, 5x5 ezcurl bar preachers, 6x6 squat, varying pulldowns, 8x3 cable rows, 7x3 skull crushers, 5x4 leg extensions, and sadly I neglected deadlifts until recently. I just switched to the power program in muscle n fitness but it seems to be lacking something to me. It has me doing 3 warmup sets and then three sets of six.

I have two goals:

1.) Gain as much strength as possible
2.) Increase muscular endurance


Try westside for skinny bastards. I just throw a track day in where the 2nd leg day would be for westside, usually 400s. If you threw in some jump roping in the mornings you'd probably stay in pretty good shape.

I'll probably switch over to regular west side when school starts but the running day is a nice break from squatting twice a week. I'm in pretty much the same situation as you, taking off from football because of APs. I guess it happens a lot.


I have two goals:

1.) Gain as much strength as possible
2.) Increase muscular endurance

For your second goal I recommend this reading this article.

After your finished with this routine you can work on pure strength or a power routine. Or a pure strength routine then this one. Its up to you.