Powerlifting Program?

Hi everyone. Just wondering how this looks. Been off training for over a year due to an accident but have been doing 3 day a week workouts for the last 6 weeks to reinitiate myself back into trainig. I have never focused solely on strength before but would like to give it a go now. Here is my proposed program to start in 2 weeks. Keep in mind, I can only train 3 days a week due to work unfortunately:

Day 1:

Squat-6Ã?2 (85-90%)
Bench press-6Ã?2 (85-90%)
Stiff legged deadlifts-4Ã?8

Day 2:

Military press-6Ã?2 (85-90%)
Close grip bench press-6Ã?3 (80-85%)
side lateral-3Ã?6
Bent lateral-3Ã?6
Sumo deadlift-8Ã?2 (80-85%)

Day 3:

Squat-6Ã?3 (speed-60%)
Bench press-6Ã?3 (speed-60%)
Dumbell bench press-4Ã?8
Hammer curl-3Ã?6

Not sure if this is any good for strength, just looking to get some feedback to be as efficient as possible. Thanks very much.


How will you know when to progress?

Always going to work in the 85-90% range?

Just a lot of unanswered things there. I only train 3 days per week myself, I just think you need a better structure.

What John said. I also only train 3 days a week so that’s not a problem.

So I was thijkig progression would be weekly assuming I hit all sets as prescribed. I have dfractional plates so that’s what I would use. Hoewever I am not very well knowledged when it comes to strength work so I may not be on the right track. Thanks for an
y info.

I personally if your just set on 85-90% I’d personally go like this…

say your bench is 300lbs

Start 85% of 1rm
week 1- 255 for 3 sets of 1 last set AMRAP
week 2- 255 for 3 sets of 2 last set AMRAP
week 3- 255 for 3 sets of 3 last set AMRAP

Once you hit a minimum of 3 sets of 3 add 10 pounds and start over. If you only get 2 sets of 3 and 1 set of 2 then you stay with that weight.

I’m slightly biased as this is essentially the same thing I do except I use 3x3, 3x5, 3x6 but I and my joints prefer lighter weights in the off season.

I like the layout for benching. I was just wondering would you throw in another bench day as well or just keep it at one per week? Is the assistance work okay? Thanks so much for the assistance it is greatly appreciated.

Personally I can’t comment to well on your assistance moves as I believe your assistance moves should vary based on your weakness in the Squat, Bench, and Deadlift. I also believe your focusing to much on OHP work. Nothing wrong with Heavy OHP work but the way its set up I believe its going to detract from your bench progress. I also don’t care for full body sessions which is essentially what you have going on here but some people really enjoy them. But, I think your doing them essentially because you believe 3 days is not enough frequency to hit the movements and I promise it is.

With that if your willing to atleast consider it I think you would make alot better gains on something like this.

Day 1- Squat and DL
Squat: following the progression laid out
Deadlift ( choose a move you suck at. If your weak off the floor do deficit pulls if weak lock out do block pulls): 3 sets of 3-6 reps
Upper Back Movement: 4x8-15
Hamstring Movement: 4x8-15
Core (only use bracing moves. Planks and Roll Out type moves): 4 sets

Day 2: Bench
Bench: Follow Progression
Weak Spot Target( If weak off chest DB and Incline Work, if Mid or Lockout Board and Sling Presses): 3 sets of 5-8
Horizontal Back Pull: 4 sets of 10-15
Face Pulls or Band Pull Aparts: 4 sets of 15-30
Tricep Fatique Training( tricep extensions to failure using drop sets of high volume): 2 sets for a total of 20-30 reps per set none stop hard contraction reps.

Day 3: Speed Day
Speed Squat or Pull: 8 sets of 2-3 with 60-70%
Speed Bench: 8 sets of 2-3 with 60-70%
Posterior Chain Movement (GHRS best): 4 sets of 5-20
Core: Same as Above
Upper Back Movement: 4 sets of 10-15.

Rotate out accessories every other week just to keep targeting diff areas.

Thanks so much for the feedback. You are 100% right. For some reason I keep thinking I wouldn’t be doing enough so I was thinking I was doing the right thing, but I love your program you laid out. I am going to give it a good shot as it looks more efficient for strength. Thanks so much again.

Sorry, one more question. You have benches on Wed. and Fri. and squat with deads. on Mon. and speed work Fri. Just wondering, would it be better to put benches with squats on the Mon. and move deads to Wed., then keep benches and squats on the Fri., or is it better to do 2 bench days without the break in between? Sorry for all the questions. Thanks again.

It wont effect you bad this way. The speed bench on Friday is not even needed and I don’t do it but you had speed bench in your original post so I kept it. But its honestly not needed. How ever it doesn’t have to be Mon, Wed, Friday could easily take a extra day and make the speed work on Saturday. Or do what I do.

Monday- Day 1
Tuesday- Day 2
Thursday - Day 3

Allow maximum recovery for the week.

That is great much appreciated. Can’t wait to start. Thanks again.

So I just remembered, my gym doesn’t have a GHR. Was checking out subs. and found GHR on lat pulldown. Gonna check it out when I hit the gym today. Wondering though, if he seat isn’t wide enough, what would be a good sub.? Good mornings? Hyperexrensions? Sorry to bug you again. Thanks