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Powerlifting Presentation


Hey guys, I'm doing an informative speech on powerlifting in one of my classes next week and I wanted to end the speech by talking about how powerlifting is on the rise. The problem is I need to cite my sources. I've been trying to look for some information on how powerlifting has been becoming more popular as of late and can't seem to find anything.

Does anyone know where I can find some statistical data on powerlifting? If so, you guys would be life savers. Thanks in advance.


Two things come to my mind.

  1. Contact the USGS and see if the seismic data indicate an increase in monster deadlift activity.
  2. Call up some powerlifting federations and see if they have any useful data, specifically registration and meet attendance numbers by year.

Good luck to you!


I would contact the USAPL representative near you. Crossfit gyms have begun to incorporate PL and I believe the only one they recognize is the USAPL so I think there has been a substantial spike. If there is one thing Crossfit is good for it marketing and boosting interest in other fitness divisions


You can cite me as a source. I used to pretty much have the power racks and the dead lift platform to myself. Now there always seems to be a line and all the cool kids are doing it.


Cite Al Gore


contact Dave Tate or some of the admin over at elitefts