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Powerlifting/Powerbuilding Program Suggestions



Im an 19 years old powerbuilder, ,I’ve been training for 3 years and only powerbuilding for a year… In 2016 i started to do pure powerlifting training in order to participate in Israel’s powerlifting competition. I came 2nd in all teen and in my category too.
Now im looking for a new program, lets start the the bench press is my weakest lift, i squatted 220kg , deadlift 235kg and only benches 115kg.
So i was thinking of a template like this :
Sun : Squat
Monday bench
Tuesday Off
Wednesday : Deadlift
Thursday Bench
Friday and saturday off.
Another problem is that i’m big but my arms are quite small , so i would like to add as much Arm training as i can without overtraining them , maybe throw another training day that only train arms , maybe on saturday i dont know… i want to hear suggestions and recommended programs that suit my needs, i’ve been on Wendler 531, Push pull legs, stronglifts 5x5, starting strength, Power muscle burn, PHUL.

19 Year Old Powerlifter
Powerlifting Specific for a Raw Teen Lifter

That’s six programs in three years. How about you stick to one for a while to see where it takes you? Chances are if you pick one and follow it consistently you’ll see good results.

19 Year Old Powerlifter

I dont know how someone with a near elite class level total for a junior (granted its US standards) needs to ask such a question.

Anyway, check out Canditos advanced bench program (his bench was not that much better than yours and he made it respectable with that program).


How do you know hes almost elite he never said his weight and in my opinion those new elite totals are way way low.


It’s based on competition outcomes instead of opinion, which is subject to confirmation bias.


Any of these templates work a treat…

re arms make close grip your main bench variation


The good thing about using all those programs is hopefully you paid attention to what works for you and what doesn’t.

Like any lift that is lagging, you should pay more attention to that lift and let the others simmer.

If you’re a raw lifter, you have to build the shoulders, pecs, triceps. If your bench is 115kg, start your worksets at 55 or 65kg and do 5’s making 5kg jumps in weight until you come to a weight you can no longer do a set of 5 and stop there. The following week do the same thing with triples.

The following two weeks change up the grip a little and do the same progression.

On the fifth week, back everything down to 60% of your max and work sets of 10 moving the weight from chest to half way up keep the strain on the pec and delts. This will help you get better off your chest.

This is very simple but it is very effective.

As for your arms, I’m assuming you mean biceps because the bench will build your triceps w/o any additional work. Biceps for me is all about volume and high reps. Basically anything that hits them. Rows and curls…


And one more thing, the most important part is your recovery and nutrition. You won’t grow without it.


I’m a bit surprised someone with your lifts is asking for a good strength program, whatever program that got you those numbers, stay on it. However I have read and experienced pretty jaw dropping results for the bench of the smolov jr program. It’s pretty intense but if you are that concerned with the bench, give it a shot


Do you think it would work for a natural lifter? Smolov i mean, and im cutting right now should i save it to when i get back to bulking?


Smolov would absolutely work for a natural lifter. I would definitely wait until you’re back on bulking so you can ensure you’re feeding the body properly to do the program.


Thanks man i really appreciate your help.