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Powerlifting or Bodybuilding Focus First? 5x5


I am a beginner and am currently following this 5x5 split:

Squats- 5 x 5
Bench Press- 5 x 5
Sumo Deadlift- 5 x 5

Bulgarian Split Squats- 4 x 10
Glute Pull Throughs- 2 x 15-20

T) Upperbody Bodybuilding Day

Make It Up


Squat- 5 x 5
OHP- 5 x 5
B.O.B Row- 5 x 5


Sumo Deadlift- 5 x 5
Bench Press- 5 x 5
B.O.B Row- 5 x 5

Lateral Raises- 2 x 20
Rear Delt Raises- 2 x 15, 2 x 50

My goals are to get strong and build an impressive physique.
I chose this split (made myself) to abuse my newbie gainz to get stronger numbers and then go into bodybuilding training later but should it be vice versa?
Any suggestions would be great. Thanks.


Do 5x5 first as its better for building overall mass and a solid base physique. Then if you decide you want to pursue bodybuilding or other specific physique goals you could venture into a body part split.


Thanks will take your advice in hand.


"Making it up" is one of the worst things a beginner can do.

What's your current height, weight, and general fat level? That will help to figure out the "best" path forward.

In general though, lifting doesn't have to be either for strength or for size, especially with a teenage beginner. Lifting on a well-designed plan and eating plenty of good food will build size and strength just fine.


I simply wrote make it up so I didn't have write it. Here it is though. I made it myself so if you have any adjustments please tell me:
Muscle Snatch- 6 x 6
DB OHP- 1 x 10
Unilateral DB OHP- 4 x 15

[Hammer Press OHP- 1 x 10-15
Front Side Raises- 1 x 20] x 2

Straight Armed Lateral Raise (to head)- 2 x 20
Bent Over Rear Delt Raise- 2 x 15, 2 x 50

One Armed Barbell Row- 4 x 15
Kroc Row- 2 x 8, 2 x 30

DB Bench Press- 5 x 10
Tricep Dips- 3 x 10

And I am 14 weighing at about 50 kilos at 5ft 4Inches.
I am not fat but have a little chub which I don't care about because I just want to gain some size and strength.


LOL... yeah dont do this.


Is the adjustment renaming it after yourself?


Well as a beginner you honestly don’t have to worry about this decision since your main concern is going to be just building a base to work from, as it has been more or less stated.

Young man is there any actual rule written in stone that says you can’t do both? Which I find ironic considering whom you are using as an avatar. There is absolutely no reason of beginner and matter of fact a large % of your average population has too specialize to that extent that is so stressed on the internet. It has become some weird Dogma now “of either or”… Which I find funny considering Powerlifting’s roots originated from the Bodybuilding culture back in the day.

Understand I’m coming from an old school type of view point… Seriously starting out what is your main goals going to be? Probably 1 add more lean muscle to your frame. 2. getting stronger at the same time too help in aid in creating lean muscle mass. Somehow the notion of wanting to maximize ones strength level during this process has strangely become Taboo on line. As if somehow getting stronger isn’t going to have carry over if your goals are Bodybuilding related. Now for clarification when I say maximize ones strength level I’m not specifically meaning just ones 1RM. That’s a post for another time …

This notions stems from the idea of either you have to train for Hypertrophy exclusively or strength exclusively. It’s not like it’s some foreign concept that too see a person to compete in a strength sport and also compete in Bodybuilding. It is Just seen allot less at the top level due to how specific things have become.


Thanks man. That helped.


Actually there are several on this site that shares the same view point.... whom are speaking from experience.


Just do normal side raises. Don't do them straight armed either. There is no point. Your mind should be focused on the side delts.


So far, you've replied something to the effect of "I knew that" to people who are giving you advice. This is either coincidental, or your ego is getting in the way. The "I know everything" attitude won't serve you, trust me. I speak from experience.

I'm not accusing you of anything. It's very possible you were already thinking what these folks are saying to you. I'm simply encouraging you to take an honest look at yourself. Doing so now could save years of spinning your wheels. No need to reply to this. It's a personal thing for you to figure out.


I don't think it was my ego but nonetheless I wont let it get the best of me again. Thanks.


i myself was overlooking it myself..... with the kid only being 14. Ive got two teenage sons sons so Ive dealt with it before.