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Powerlifting/Oly Lifting Gym in Montreal, Canada



I'm pretty sure there are a few serious lifters from Montreal here. I'm a bit tired of the standard commercial gym that charges way too much for services I don't need and surrounds me with fat unmotivating people.

I'd like a gym with an olympic platform or 2 and equipment for powerlifting (lots of racks, chains), does that exist? Especially in eastern Montreal?

Thank you


You could try out my PL gym, but is is downtown

Pro Gym on Hochelaga has an oly room, but no chains or bands

CrossFit Montreal has a ton of great stuff too.
I'm in Montreal North, if you find anything in the easter/northern sector, PM me. I love my PL gym but it's a hassle getting there.

EDIT: There is a club out in Dorian, but it is not CPU affiliated and it's a ways away from Montreal.


Thank you for the reply. Epicentre really looks like a 5 stars gym, however the cost is dissuasive for an humble student.


You take 1 session a week @110$ for 3 months and do the rest of your work at a commercial gym. On your one day you go in and use all the fun toys (sled, chains, bands etc). The other 2-3 days a week, your commercial gym should do the trick as long as it has a rack and a bench.

Don't pay attention to the other people in your commercial gym if they bother you by being fat and unmotivated. It isn't about them anyways.


I know of a few gyms for Oly lifting in Mtl. Check out Claude Robiarde or Gadbois. Both have great coaches, Claude Robiarde has Pierre Roy who has been mentioned by CT many times and Gadbois has an awesome coach as well.

Oh yeah, both gyms are free.


Come anyways and check us out!

You can probably appreciate that the cost is based on the fact that we are not a commercial gym and there is limited capacity.