Powerlifting Off-Season and Meet Training Idea

Hey all. I’d love if you could share an opinion on structuring an off season and meet training.

I usually compete bench-only every 6 months.

I’m thinking of running 5’s Pro with SSL for 3 cycles as an off season, then prepare for the meet using the strength challenge from Beyond 531.

I usually calculate a training max from my meet 1rm. I like my training max to be 90% of the 1rm during the meet prep period, and after a meet I deload to 90% of that training max and work back up again.

My old approach has been to work heavy singles and a fairly high intensity throughout the training year, but I’m starting to go backwards a little and think that a true off-season period would do me some good.

I’m wavering between classic top set AMRAP and the 5s Pro. I’m thinking that ssl is a good choice for supplemental, esp with the deloading of the training max post meet.

Heavy Day
Week 1 5s from 531 no amrap
Week 2 opener
Week 3 3s from 531 no amrap
Week 4 2nd attempt
Week 5 1+ from 531 amrap
Week 6 previous meet max

Light day
Week 1 partial reps from chest to 2 board height. Sets of 5.
Week 2 2 board press sets of 5-10
Week 3 Red slingshot sets of 5
Week 4 Incline press sets of 5
Week 5 pause reps sets of 3
Week 6 Decline or floor press sets of 5

I’m bench only for the moment as well. If I still competed raw this is what I’d be doing off season. “In” season would be based on numbers I want for the next meet. “Offseason” program above based on your most recent meet.