Powerlifting & O-Lifting Program

i thought up this program the other day to combine the 2 sports and was just wondering what all of you thought. right now it’s 2 days a week but i was thinking of making it 3 days a week but not sure about what i should do the other day, anyway heres the program

Day 1
Clean and jerk: 6x1
deadlifts: heavy set of 2
Bench varation: working up to heavy 3
vertical pull: 3-4x10

Day 2
Snatch: 6x2
Squats: heavy set of 2-3
split jerks: 5x3
rowing: 3x5

on off days i will be doing sprints/plyo’s/aglity work.
i want to add a thrid day but don’t know how i would set that up. Here are some stats if it helps

age: 15

clean&jerk: 225
snatch: 155(worst lift)
squat: 365
deadlift: 385
bench: 255


Benching really doesn’t help your O-lifts much. Conversly, all the overhead pressing makes your shoulders/triceps strong as hell.

I am no expert but from the little I know: front squat, overhead squat, millitary press, snatch and clean and jerk seem to be a common things. I am not sure about the carry-over from front squats to back sqauts but the Oly lifts can’t help but improve your back and core strength as well as legs.

On the other hand, bench/squat/dead and assistence stuff are pretty much all you need for powerlifting. You have to ingrain these movement patterns as effeciently as you can, from what I have learned; it’s the same for Oly lifts, clearly. Powerlifting is a strength sport in it’s purest sense whereas Oly lifting is pretty much explosive power.

I unno about doing both, though.


Article from elitefts on strongman training… a lot of these guys combine westside concepts and olympic lifting.

I’m sure some of their ideas can help you develope a bit further. Good luck…


thats Travis Mash’s training log his last training cycle he implemente westside principles to combine OL and PL. This could help you develop your program.

this is from my own experience:

I was and felt the strongest when I was oly lifting. my vert went up, legs and shoulder girdle just didn’t stop growing and lifts were the highest.

My deadlift was constantly getting higher due to all the pulling (coach Staley wrote an article about that). I never did DL, I just tested it.

Also my bench went up, which is kind of logical: all the shoulder work (jerks, push presses, m. presses…)
It would probably be even higher if I did some tricep work.

for some period I didn’t do back squats, but when I tested how much can i squat it was incredible. the reason was one and one only: almost every training cleans and snatches, which are also basically light squats. Like P. Tsatsouline says: you get better at something, by doing it and not hitting the failure- max clean is, for the legs, like doing a light back squat (similar motion, just lighter weights).

Accesory work can be the same with both, oly and powerlifting: you need strong legs, back, shoulders.

All in all, I would do more oly lifting (will also do wonders for your flexibility) and before powerlifting competition I would practice power. squats and bench.

just my opinion.

You could do it, however they are fairly different sports, so you probably wouldn’t excel at either.

If I was going to do this I would compete in PLing raw, as then I wouldn’t have to waste time learning gear, and geared powerlifting is even further from olympic lifting than raw powerlifting. For example, I don’t think a three board press or rack lockouts or good mornings are going to do very much for your Oling.

So just avoid exercises that are too specific to either sport, and squat with the same stance you do the O-lifts with.

Thanks for the help, i think i’m gonna do o-lifting and every once in awhile toss in some benching

[quote]poolcook wrote:

thats Travis Mash’s training log his last training cycle he implemente westside principles to combine OL and PL. This could help you develop your program.[/quote]

gooood link… thank u come again.

The best assistance exercises for the lifts are squats and pulls. Pressing movements do have their place and IMO help prevent injury. If your going to deadlift, do clean deadlifts or RDL’s so you don’t mess up your form on the lifts.

If your going to lift heavy, I’d definately snatch before you clean and jerked as this lift can take alot out of you. If you need to be reffered to a coach near your area, let me know