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Powerlifting Nutrition/Supps


What type of meal plan do you powerlifters follow day to day and what supplements do you take?


I weigh 190 and try to take in at least 150 grams of protein a day just from shakes. I started doing this about 6 months ago and my strength has gone trough the roof. I really don't count calories, just protein. As far as supplements tons of protein and flax seed oil. I buy protein from another site 50lbs at a time. They customize orders and can add just about anything you need to the powder.


See-food diet. Lots of liquid meals too.

Liquid meals often include oats/bananas/protein powder/honey/PB not necessarily all together, but often several from the list.

Blender's a necessary tool.

Past that I eat as much as I can stuff down my face at the dining halls.

I take glutamine and BCAAs during my workout.

I sometimes take Ephedrine to get my CNS ramped up.

Regularly I take Fish Oil.
Multi-vitamin (NOW's Adam).
And other crap I can't remember but I put into my body on a daily basis anyway.

Those are your staples though. I usually stick to taking Glucosamine and MSM only when my joints are really killing me.

Lots of food.

I've got a lightening fast metabolism and see nothing but good things in my performance when I'm fed well. When I'm not it's obvious.


I try to eat as much good carbs(complex) and protein as possible to try not to put too much sloppy weight on. Lots of Eggs with wheat toast, Turkey on wheat sandwiches, and as much meat as possible for dinner.
Protein shake 50g atleast for PWO and try to get another before bed.
Flameout (Fish oils mm)
Glucosamine+MSM (joints of course)