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Powerlifting Nutrition Plan


I was wondering if my eating plan was ok.

Training day, I ate lots of carbs before workout (from breakfast to lunch), then followed training and after training again, lots of carbs.
On restday, I ate carbs only in the morning and then only proteins+fat, vegetables etc.

My bodyweigth was stable, but rising a little and my power wasnt geting any better.
So I realized, that my glycogen wasnt restored enough.

Now I will try to eat more carbs whole day on rest day.
On training day, I will eat carbs only with breakfast and after training. No carbs (maybe just little) before training and after breakfast.

I want to restore my glycogen after training and create new energy for my training by eating carbs on rest day.

I am 91 kg, so I have to watch my weigth.

breakfast(carbs) - snack(protein+fat+little carbs) - lunch(protein+fat) - training - rest of day carbs
all day carbs (lower carbs in the evening)

Are there any suggestions, when to eat carbs and when not to maximalize my strength?

Thank you.


How long have you been eating this way?

How old and tall are you?

Write a typical day of eating for training day.

How long on whatever program you are using and what is said program?

Unless you are an elite athlete, you haven't "spent" your glycogen stores. Being weak does not necessarily means no glycogen.


If body composition isn't a huge priority and you're only looking to maximize your recovery which will then lead to maximum strength increase, eat as much as you need to to recover and keep your numbers up.

There's nothing wrong with eating meals all day containing protein, carbs, and fat so just do what you have to do to keep you on track for your goals.

Every body is different in the way it handles certain macros at various times of the day, so play around and find out what works best for you. Personally, I usually have around 200 to 250 grams of carbs (simple and complex) in the peri-workout time frame. Then I taper off as the day goes on. Being a vegan though, I do have to go through carbs to obtain protein sources for the most part, so I'm likely not the best person to rely on for information.