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Powerlifting Numbers Going Down?


I have been doing the ed coan deadlift routine for about 6 weeks now,a add 50lbs to your bench for 7 weeks, and a squat routine I made up over the past while.

I went to do my deadlift set of 475 and nothing moved but the bend in the bar, 2 months ago I did 475 at a meet. My bench seemed to have went down too, last month I did 315 for 3 reps, last week I couldnt hardley move it. My squat however is still going good.

I took 6 days of from lifting to see if that would help but when I came back 475 still crushed my DL.  
its been around 6 months probley since ive done anything high reps, any recomendations on taking a break from the heavy weight/low reps for a little while?

Thanks, Aaron

(i am trying to put up my dl video to show you guys it from a few months ago, but i can't get it off Facebook.)



Here is the code i got from it off F.B. but i cant turn it into a vid


Here is what I read:

"I took a break and then I maxed out"

Why did you feel the need to go directly after your PR after taking a short break? Back off, then work back up to it. You won't set a PR every time you go into the gym.


So let me get this straight--you are doing THREE separate specialization programs at the same time and you are wondering why your numbers are going down?

You are running yourself into the ground.

You can do one specialization program, or you can attempt to get balanced gains with general powerlifting training, but you can't try to shotgun all three lifts at the same time. Pick a target and stick to it. ONE target.

Your weak points might also not be addressed with your current exercise selection.


Well I took a break right in the middle of the ed coan workout, so I tried to jump right back where It said I should have been.But no I am not maxing out, ive just been doing at least like >80%. But thank you for the comments, and maybe I am running myself into the ground. Il hopefully get back with where I was here in the near future.


If you were attempting weights you couldn't do that were your recent competition maxes, yes, you were maxing out.


"I have been doing the ed coan deadlift routine for about 6 weeks now,a add 50lbs to your bench for 7 weeks, and a squat routine I made up over the past while. "

I think I know what the problem is.


Please inform me why it is a problem to do 2 diffrent lifts, Chest & Back, with 2 different specialization programs? I figured one wouldnt interfere with the other one,but obviously im wrong.

@ black_angus...in one thread you said,"My best press is 205, and my best in-competition bench is 264, for a 77% rate. ...my bench sucks." so why should i listen to you? My best press is 240,and in competition bench is 335 @ raw and 181 weight, so why should i listen to you?


Specialization means focusing on something. You can't specialize everything at once. Generally things like the ed coan routine or smolov require a person to back off other lifts for recovery sake.


If you are doing a lot of heavy triples and singles why don't you switch things up like you said.
At the vary least it will stimulate your muscles differently and take some stress off of your CNS.

How is your body wt? (dropping/steady/raising)

Or,if you won't deload then cram some extra calories down your throat and see if you can continue your heavy training.
If your going to go this route I would increase sleep too.

And I'm not sure you should listen to me, I do press and bench more then you but I also weigh 200lb. In the world of forum power lifting debates does that give you or me a higher power rating? If I have a protective spell on do I then gain some of your power during an attack? It gets so convoluted.


My weight is staying right at 180, and yeah my diet hasnt been to good the past month,but ive been doing really good so far this week. and I started switching things up tuesday. Thanks for the information though!! and il take any advice from anyone as long as they know what theyre talking about.


Black Angus posted a completely logical, respectful post and you respond by menstruating all over him? Reach between your legs and pull the tampon string out buddy.

Anyone else that wants to offer advice, be sure to include your stats...Best bench, body weight, favorite color and favorite pro sports team would also be relevant...douche...


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You can learn things from people who are not as strong as you are. As others have said, it sounds like you're trying to do too much at once and testing your lifts too frequently.


As far as testing my lifts to frequently im not truly "maxing out". but that program had a jump from like 435x2reps or something to 475x2 reps, i thought it was a huge jump from one week to the other,but i tried to fallow it and failed. But I am just dropping all the specialty programs right now, and doing 8+ reps on my lifts for my CNS sake. then il get back to it, but thanks for your comments guys! more are welcome


Some pretty solid advice here. You can either:
1. Continue as is and accept what you get.
2. Focus on one specialization program.
3. Train all lifts with equal focus on a basic program.
btw calling someone out on strength as it pertains to giving advice doesn't make a lot of sense when said person is saying the same thing as people stronger than you


Does the program determine your volume and how you work up to your top set or do you determine those factors?


But seriously, take a chill pill.

I could echo what other have been telling you, that you are running yourself into the ground, that running two specialization programs then making up your own squat program is stupid, and that you need to back up and re think this.

But instead Ill just post a picture.


No dawg, OP's justified. I heard of all the countless peeps out there using Jim W.'s 5/3/1, the ones who eventually progress to higher numbers than Jim just quit the program.

True story