Powerlifting Newb

Evening gents,

I have decided to enter my first powerlifting competition on 27th November. As I am on vacation for the next two weeks I have around 2 months to prepare for it.

I wonder what everyone would recommend workout wise to allow me to peak on November 27th?

I am 24, weigh around 192lbs and my current best lifts are as follows:
Paused bench 105kg (1RM)
Deadlift 200kg (3RM)
Front Squat 110kg (5RM).

I have not back squatted in around 6 months but I estimate my 1RM to be in the region of 150kg. My principal focus for improvement will be the back squat. I feel as though I can make big strength gains over 2 months on this movement andthink the progression of 531 or a similar program may be a little slow.

I can train every day and am accustomed to both high and low frequency training. I will be eating like a beast to maximise strength gains before the competition.

My most recent training split was upper/lower comprising a squat day, bench day, deadlift day and overhead press day.

Thanks for your suggestions

Pick up 5-3-1 for Powerlifting. There is a good peaking routine in there for a 2 month cycle…that’s what I’m using going into my meet at the end of October…so far so good…

Nate, are you doing the VA State? I was going to do that (really just to win the title), but I have to do an NSCA seminar in October to renew my CSCS, so… can’t really afford to do both. :frowning:

TS, two months is perfect to peak for a competition. The 5/3/1 for PL guide is a good one. I would also recommend taking about 7-10 days off before the meet, maybe going to the gym on the Sun/Mon or Mon/Tue beforehand to do 50% lifts and keep your technique going. Little to no accessory work.

When you’re deloading before the meet, don’t be afraid if 50 or 60% feels really heavy. You’ve been taxing your body a lot, but you’ll still be prepared, so long as you get adequate rest.

Good luck!

Cheers chaps. I love the simplicity of 531. Time to bring it.

Congrats on your first meet, you’ll love it! Loads of great advice here, everyone helped me on my first meet and everything went like clockwork.

Your weights are perfectly respectful for a first timer, no one will laugh at you. In fact, it’s a great place to make friends. Just make sure your technique is bulletproof, all the weight in the world won’t help if your lifts get redlighted. Post vids of your lifts here so we can check your form, or have someone in person help.

Good luck!