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Powerlifting Meet Vid


I just got back from the 2005 Longhorn Open.

Here is a video of my final squat.


I weighed in at 163.3 pounds (75kg weight class). The squat is 237.5k or 523.59 pounds.

I benched 165kg or 363.8 pounds and deadlifted 232.5 kg or 512.57 pounds for a 635kg total.



great job!


Here's the vid of my final bench.




Nice f'in job. Those lifts looked great.

I saw Curt's post on the forum, and noticed him handing off to you.

I am very envious of the size of the meets you guys have down there. How many lifters were entered?

Anyway, congrats. Miami here you come!


Damn 512.5 at 165 is crazy.


I believe the final count was 100 lifters. This is probably one of the larger meets down here open to all lifters.


Good shit ,loved the squat. Did you wear a squat suit?


Holy moly


how tall are you beefcake?


1.) Yes, I wore a squat suit. I use a Titan NXG+ Dual Quad.

2.) I am 5'4".



Great numbers. You got a 600 squat in you no problem.


Nice work!

It's always great to see videos of meets.

Very good numbers!

That bench looked like you could've gone for 10 reps, LOL.

I assume that was your third and final attempt for bench?

It looked like it felt real light.


Great lifting!


Have you ever thought of becoming a bench only guy? Single ply...that bench isn't all that far off from Bench America guys your size.


Great job dude!


Well done, Beef! Those are great numbers.

That bench looked easy (for you, of course). What was you final position in your weight class?


Great job, keep getting stronger, you could have definitely benched more, you smoked it, what are you getting out of that shirt?


That bench was my final 363. I had actually benched 363 in April at the Texas State meet. I went conservative to ensure I could get to a point where I didn't have to deadlift something out of reach. My attempts on bench were 330, 352, and 363. I think I am getting 90 pounds from the Titan F6 shirt.



Good shit, you the man....


Good stuff. That squat ought to get you into the PL USA Top 70, and the total into the top 65. Congrats!