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Powerlifting Meet Today. Here are the Results

[quote]Sdd1102 wrote:

White box, bud.

The hell? My bad. haha

Here’s the video. It should work now.

I give up. lol

This should work

That was an awesome second bench. It’s always good to see more 148s getting into the sport–congrats!

Great job. Congratulations. That state record pull looked so easy for you. Stay with it!

Thanks! I’m gonna keep trying. Hope to set more records in the future.

nice! so sick to see that bench you look like you have really long arms

Yeah, my arms are pretty long but so are my legs. haha

You look like the worlds tallest 148 lifter.
That 2nd bench was awesome it took 11 seconds from when you unracked to completion, that was quite a grind, really well done.
The first 2 deads looked effortless, way to go and congrats on the record, and of course breaking the record that you set.

I think the judge kinda screwed you on that 2nd press. You got it but his call was awfully slow. Next time I want to see more enthusiasm!! You were just kinda going through the motions. Which is fine if that’s the way you are. Get fired up!! A little intensity would’ve given you that 240 squat attempt!! Congrats!

I’m kind of like a guy who gets psyched internally because I try to preserve my energy and just put it into my lift, but yeah, I probably could have gotten the 240 if I had put a bit more intensity into i6. I’m going to try and compete again in July, so we’ll see how that goes. haha

Great work. Was this your first meet?

Was this the meet that Ray Williams hit 905 raw but had it turned down?

Yeah, it was my first meet. Yeah, he did it but I think he re-racked it too early and they called bad lift. I couldn’t tell from the crowd gathered around. haha He put it up like it was a joke, though. Some monster power.