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powerlifting meet state vs. state

whats up powerpeople. i would like to see a state against state comp. i saw a drag raceing comp. that was north vs. south. how cool would a pro state comp. be. have a state qualifier, top 2 or 3 in each class represents your state. you know a bragging rights team comp. sort of thing.i dont know just a thought. ithink it would be fun. especially if money were involved. im sure there would be some sponsors interested. what does anyone else think? i think louisiana would take it!!(hey its where im from) later.

How about a midwest vs. south? I, big martin, peyton and others can come down and take on you and Goldberg.

I like the idea, but I think it would be close to impossible to do. Just think of it–if you only 2 for each weight class from each state, that’s 22 lifter times 50 states; 1100 lifters!!

I guess if somehow it could be broken down from state champions, then a division championships; i.e. a pacific division, midwest division, etc. That way with 4 national divisions would only yield 88 lifters for the national championship(that’s not even including women). That’s still a lot of lifters, but more do-able.

One other problem would be how to designate which state lifters represent. I mean, would all the Westsiders just automatically get to rep Ohio?

It’s seems unlikely that it could happen, but I like the idea.

And, for the record, I think a cold weather, mid-western state would win it. They seem to have the highest concentration of powerlifters.