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Powerlifting Meet in May, Advice?

Hey community first post here…
Been watching these tren’d out kids who lift hilariously small weight and are loud about it… I kinda look like a potato myself but have a few records I’ve broken and have a huge meet coming up this may and wondering if I could get some advice on how to get my numbers up? I’ve tried talking to young kids by the bench the whole time but it hasn’t increased my lifts.

I suspect a troll.


Then why would you ever do this…

I try to give benefit of the doubt. But, to be clear, the detector is murmuring.

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I avoided “the you must be a troll” and went with suspicion.

I will say OP’s posts are funny to read. Maybe sarcasm? Sarcasm does not work well in text.

I’m actually very surprised you’d say that. I can link you to my powerlifting meet? I came for advice. Not BS…

Talking won’t make you stronger. Try juggling.

What exactly do you want to know? You need to ask a more specific question than simply how to get your numbers up, or maybe provide some details of how you are training.

One thing I can say for sure is synthol in your calves won’t help at all.

Couldn’t one get more rebound of the hamstring off of the calf if the synthol was in the right spot?

I know a guy who claimed using synthol in his biceps increased his bench.

I agree with you that it makes no sense to do it, and would never do it myself.

If you touch low on bench you could inject synthol into your upper abs and turn it into a board press.

I’m gonna put some in top of my knees to get the top of the knee below the hip crease. It will just be a depot of oil since no muscle on the knee.

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I think the VMO would work, the bottom part is at the top of the knee, just on the inside. I don’t know why nobody thought of this before.

Have you tried Reverse Carb back loading ? shot my bench up 15-37.5lbs in a week of backloading and then front loading, just pulsate it

Yeah tried it, shit my pants out tho was pretty Bad