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Powerlifting Meet in Kinross Prison Dec 13

Full PL meet inside the 'Pen. It sounds like we’ll be allowed to take 2 more ‘outside’ lifters in with us, but we’ll need registration and SIN very soon to do so. Expect around 50 lifters. Everyone else will be an inmate - make sure you’re comfortable with that before you say you’re interested. No cameras, nothing made of metal, pack your lunch.

This is a picture of me during my first meet ever - 3 days before Christmas, 2004 - in the Pen. Everyone else in the picture is a prisoner. This was the only picture - an inmate was being skill-trained as a photographer, and another held onto this picture for 6 months before I went to compete there again.

Another picture went to PLUSA (just me sitting on a bench.) Can’t remember what the weights were, but I finished with a total under 1100 - very humbling, but most of the time, your first PL meet will be!
I had my first white-lighted 500+ DL in their outdoor Pit.

I’m grateful to these guys, and anyone interested in participating should be prepared to be humble, gracious, and law-abiding while inside. Everyone inside is an innocent man, after all. :slight_smile:

That’s just badass.

Where is Kinross?

What a crazy place for your first meet. Nothing like jumping in.

I love it.

that is one of the most intimidating yet psychadelic places to EVER compete in ANYTHING

lol I just noticed… isn’t the rack height on that picture a bit too high for you?

wher and when?

[quote]daraz wrote:
lol I just noticed… isn’t the rack height on that picture a bit too high for you?[/quote]

Hey daraz - rack height is good. Long femurs - great for DL, bad for hitting SQ depth!

Deadlifting in a prison is either a very brave, or a very gay thing to do.

Bet they are lining up to spot you for squats, wooo yeaahh