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Powerlifting Meet in 5 Weeks


I'm gonna do first meet in 5 weeks; however have no idea how to peak for it, any suggestions on how I should be structuring my training for this?


You might include what you have been doing for the past couple of months and how it has been going.


Well I don't really have a specific program I follow, I have body parts I work on certain days usually doing big movement for 2 body parts then doing accessory exercises following this. I try to move weight up or do more reps as a progression. For the bigger movements I'll work up to a 1,3,5 rep max, do back off set, then move onto the lighter stuff for 3-4sets of 6 or more reps. I've been able to get my dead up lately.


Generally there is a bit more long-term planning that goes into peaking for a meet (8-12 weeks in advance), but in the meanwhile, you may want to hit openers the week before, and go light the week of the meet.


get your commands down, thats the main key, then id say look at what youll do for openers.


Ya commands will probably be tough for me. Not sure what I'll bench usually touch and go on it. I don't have any equipment yet either, gonna try and borrow singlet or something. I'm just doing this for fun really, but would still like to do decently well and hit my gym PRs for each lift.


try to hit your deadlift opener 2 weeks before and the squat and bench opener a week before.

if you want an idea of what a good peaking program might look like in the last week or so you could look at this article: http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance/sheiko_shakes_up_powerlifting . On the 2nd page look for the link to the "13-week program." Maybe seeing the ways those last few weeks are lined up will give you some ideas.

don't use your ego when picking your openers. hitting your openers will drastically improve your confidence, ESPECIALLY the squat opener. you need to KNOW that you can and will make depth with the weight that you pick.

Best of luck!


I agree with much of the above...Get your commands down. Practice by having someone else give you the "Squat/Rack", "Down/Press/Rack" and "Down" commands (or whatever your federation uses).

Make sure you can bury your Squat opener. You certainly don't want to bomb out of your first meet. Depending on how much you bench, and how clean your gym lift is, you can count on losing 10-20lbs or more with a pause. Deadlift is deadlift, just realize that you may be tired at the end of the day, so you may want to open conservatively.

I agree with mrodock on hitting your last heavy deadlift 2 weeks out and Squat and Bench 1 week out (maybe 10 days for Bench and 12 for Squat).

If you haven't been doing anything high volume, I wouldn't recommend the Sheiko peaking cycle. I would just train as you have been up to 2 weeks out, then go through your warmups and hit your opener for DL (it's not a bad idea to time your warmups), the next week warm up to your Squat opener on Mon, and Bench opener on Wed. (again time your warmups so you'll know when to start warming up at the meet). Friday optional, something easy.

The week of the meet should be low volume, low weight. Some people don't do anything at all this week. In the past I usually do some light Squats on Monday (maybe some abs and some mobility work), and some very light Benching on Wed just to stay in the groove (maybe some light lats and mobility work), then nothing else after that. You could also get in some light abs and lats early in the week, nothing to fatigue.


Good stuff, Ill try this


Just listen to your body the closer you get to the meet. The old saying is that you aren't going to get any stronger during the last couple of weeks, but you can make yourself weaker.

The last week should be so insignificant that you are dying to lift. Usually I just go through my warmups stopping with a single at around 80% of my max. By the time Saturday rolls around, I can't wait to get under the bar.


Pretty good advice here.

2 weeks from meet day hit a max dead.
1 week out from meet day hit a max squat and bench.

These should be to the commands you will encounter at the meet and make sure your lifts would pass for these as well. Squat DEPTH and the bench PAUSE make a big difference.

Hit some lighter deads for technique work a week out too.

I usually take about 90% of whatever these pre-maxes are and use it for my opener. Make sure whatever you choose you can easily get though! Do NOT bomb out. Even if you start light, there are two more attempts for you.

Last week should be deload for the meet. 3-4 days before get in the gym but nothing over 80% of your max, preferably just go through the warm up sets to the opener you will do at the meet. You should leave feeling like you did nothing.

Meet day hit your openers and then hit some PR's.


Just curious, are you planning on wearing gear?


I'm in high school, and I follow my school's strength coach's regimen. He structures it to be sport specific, and he tapers it for when powerlifting meets are upcoming. If my meet is on a Saturday, which it always has been for me, I do my last deadlift on Friday one week prior. I rest over the weekend, and on Monday I come back and hit my opener on squat. I doubt I have to go into the basics of finding an opener with you. After that, I do some accessory exercises, usually back or bicep work and leave within 30 minutes of stepping into the weightroom. The next day, I hit my opener on bench and do light tricep work and try to only stay in the weightroom for at most 30 minutes. I base my deadlift opener off of my 2nd attempt, as I find that my deadlift is a fair bit higher than my squat. For Wednesday, Thursday and Friday I rest, and on Friday I start my cut, by cutting out liquids and drastically reducing my carb intake. However, I make sure to eat about 20 grams of some type of protein every 2-3 hours. I try to stay away from any type of cardio in order to cut weight.

Since I'm in high school, I try to keep it fairly informal, and I've found this to work well for me. Since it's your first meet based on your posts, I doubt your going to get too complex.

Hope this helps!


probably not, one guy I know will lend me his shirt I believe, I haven't tried it yet though so I don't know if I could get used to it. I tried another shirt (seemed pretty big for me, I didnt need help getting into it) once and did couple reps with 135 to see what it felt like. I found it pinched lats awfully bad even though it felt big for me.



Well just did this ipf meet. Entered 100kg class at 99.6kg. Wore some looser knee wraps compared to what other guys were doing. I practiced with em twice before meet and did few wraps just watching tv to get some technique down, but couldn't get used to the tightness and problems with proprioception so opted for looser wrap.

So squat I just wore wraps, ended up with 517 lbs

Bench I did sans shirt ended up with 363 lbs. Was disappointed with this, hit 385 on second attempt but got red lighted b/c I "sunk" bar into chest after the pause when I started lifting again - kind of pissed me off actually, seems like a dumb rule, not sure why that is even a rule. 3rd attempt I upped it 5kg but stalled out midway.

Dead wore belt, ended up with 584 lbs, real grinder this attempt. Felt really slow.

Overall I was pleased except bench. I'm not sure if I'll compete again, cost kind of lot to enter ($50) and travel, then not really fan of using and buying gear, it's almost like who can tailor their gear the best to get most out of it to lift more, which I don't really like. That and I think you need it to be competitive at more elite level. Seemed like everyone got a medal too b/c there's not lot of people in each division, which I also thought was dumb.


Compete in the raw division at a bigger meet.


I live in Canada, I don't think raw even exists here