Powerlifting, Mcgyver-Style

about nearly a year back, I underwent ACL and meniscus surgery, and rotator cuff repair. I was on the board for maybe a month and never posted again. I’m trying to get back at it now. I originally posted on the exrx forum but that place is zzzz so i packed up and move

here’s a couple of old vids back in the days.

and here’s yesterday’s workout:

  • 8x8 pylo pull up

  • 8x15-20??? hand clap push up

  • 8x??? maybe 5-6 one handed pylo push-up

  • 3x5 pull-ups w/168 lbs

  • 3x8 ring dips w/135 lbs

the video for 5/10/11: - YouTube

and today’s workout

  • 8x5 one handed push-ups with claps. 16 sets total

  • experimented with handstand push-ups and other Fazioenterprise stuff (which were mostly unsuccessful lol… not filmed)

  • force training for upper body

  • 3x8 dumbbell press on stability ball

  • dumbbell row

  • 30 minute walk (not filmed)

  • eatened banana (not filmed)

  • shoulder prehab/rehab stuff etc. (not filmed)

here’s the vid: (- YouTube)

my current inspiration stem from this guy ->(http://www.youtube.com/extremistpullup) and this guy ->(http://www.youtube.com/user/Fazioenterprise). Definitely check them out if you never heard of them. Also check out (http://www.youtube.com/chezkenny). These are the three people who I used to keep up with on youtube when I was younger.

The current goals are to get back into powerlifting and drop a few pounds. Future goal is get into olympic lifting but that’s currently wishful thinking, judging from the condition my body is in…