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Powerlifting Max Bench Arch

Have wondered if there’ll ever be a person with the right flexibility and leverages to achieve a no ROM bench press within powerlifting rules. Theres been a few crazy arches I’ve seen but this guy is getting there:

Why not go for 10 plates? I mean. does the bar even move after the spotters let go?

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Two inches of depth was never going to be satisfying.


He just needs to grow a huge belly like JP Carroll and that bar won’t go anywhere. It will become a test of how much he can hold while maintaining an arch.

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Start…rack. Goooood liftttt

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Yeah, no need for a press command since there isn’t actually any pressing going on.

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They’d have stiff competition from someone built like an orangutan who could achieve a no ROM deadlift.

Lol. This guy locks out below knees.

This is truly the sport of kings.


*the gods

Looking at some of his deadlift posts, his feet are so wide that he always slides his feet in as he’s lowering the bar to avoid dropping it on his toes. Would that be legal in a meet?

A fair few lifters do it even those not really at risk of getting their toes squished. There’s bits in most rule books about not changing foot position but I think this is more about stumbling or stepping during a lift not rotating the feet after the down command. It is never called at even the highest levels or strictest judging so is ok I guess.

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Just imagine what it would look like with a Texas DL bar. He could get his feet out quite a bit further, plus the whip at the weight he is lifting is significant.

Was it a bench arch? If so she actually probably had good form for lifting the most weight within the rules.

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What would compel you to argue with someone on instagram about their form while lifting weights?


The lady PLers I know would not be happy at all if a dude commented about a large back arch.

I can’t think of anyone anywhere that would gladly welcome unsolicited form advice.

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It is specifically something I have heard the ladies at my gym talking about (how they hate when men criticize them about their arches).

There is an argument that an arch is safer on the shoulders than flat back. JTS had a video on it I believe.

As far as I know the only fed that doesn’t allow it is USPA/IPL, they recently made that a rule. Yury Belkin got fucked over because of that at the Tribute meet, I guess they don’t have a Russian translator at rules meetings. I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t do another USPA meet as a result, they screwed Malanichev on bench too.