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Powerlifting Lower Body, Bodybuilding Upper Body?

Hi CT,

I just read your most recent article and found it very interesting. I like the idea of structuring training in a way that maximizes results rather than satisfying a stimulus addiction.

When I looked at the template however, I noticed that each workout is focused around one of the main lifts. I have been through multiple shoulder surgeries and can no longer press a barbell (or overhead press in general) without pain. As a strength enthusiast, I have decided to adopt a training methodology in which I train my upper body with a bodybuilding style and my lower body more like a powerlifter or weightlifter. Rather than focusing on the 4 lifts mentioned in your article which were previously my main 4 lifts, my goals now revolve around deadlift and squat variations. I realize that I could press dumbells in the 2-5 rep range, however my gym only has dumbells up to 100lbs which I can bench for 10 reps.

In the past i have had my best results in terms of strength with a higher frequency in the lift and controlling volume each session. Considering my situation of not being able to press heavy and predominately trying to increase my squat and deadlift, how would you advice me to structure my 4 day training week? Would it still be ideal to perform each of the main lifts I am focusing on once or twice per week?

Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom!