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Powerlifting Longevity

I know that powerlifters often get stronger into their 40’s and can maintain strength into their 50’s and beyond, so powerlifting seems to have more longevity than many sports. But I also know that powerlifters suffer a ton of wear and tear. I am therefore wondering if there are many powerlifters lifters (maybe in the lower weight classes?) who remain flexible and limber, and generally not always hurting as they get older. I ask primarily b/c I am 23 and already feel stiff and sore most of the time. I also would like to know what teh best ways of preserving one’s limberness etc. are.

To combat pain and injury:

-Develop a good fitness base through GPP and extra workouts.

-After workouts, ice the joints.

-Compression for muscles that are particularly sore.

-Cycle off heavy training by using light, restorative workouts.

-Always maintain proper form.

-Develop a proper diet.