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Powerlifting Literature

Hello everyone, thanks for looking.

I am trying to build a little bit of a training library currently and would like to know everyone’s recommendation on powerlifting literature. Although I train often I think I should read more/make better use of gym time.

Maybe something like:

Name of book/digital media and author
Why you enjoyed reading/watching it and what you learned

I have some basics in mind: Supertraining, Science and Practice of Strength Training.

Thanks guys,


Are you looking for something motivational, about programming, or about the specific technique on the lifts?

Authors who come to mind are Mark Rippetoe, Dave Tate, and Jim Wendler.

Your best bet would probably be just a simple Amazon search for “powerlifting”.

Supertraining - Mel Siff

Anything by Yuri Verkoshansky

If you search the Q&A on elitefts.com under the thinker, you can find a long list in alphabetical order of many great books, elite also stocks a number of great ones. Thibs Black Book is awesome, and I loved Starting Strength by Rippetoe.

Thanks for the reply, I saw the books listed on EFS.


I guess what I meant by powerlifting literature is anything you enjoyed reading/watching that you felt contributed in some way to your total(whether eating better, training smarter, finding motivation, GPP etc) and would recommend to another.

There are probably quite a few good texts that I haven’t heard of so maybe like the top three you couldn’t live without or along those lines.


Road To The Arnold
Vogelpohl XXX
The Supertraining DVD’s
Bigger, Stronger, Faster

When I first started, I built a program and different techniques with literature. My three favorites are:
Practical Programming for Strength Training by Mark Rippetoe,
Starting Strength (also by Mark Rippetoe) and
Science and Practice of Strength Training by Vladimir Zatsiorsky.

These all had very practical approaches, and I think it is important to know the science before you start stepping into methods. This way you can control what your program is and how you move into powerlifting.

Good luck!

Along with those already listed:

Power to the People & Beyond Bodybuilding- Pavel Tsatsouline

Theory & Application of Modern Strength & Power Methods- Christian Thibaudeau

5/3/1- Jim Wendler

Science of Sports Training- Thomas Kurz

Practical Programming- Mark Rippetoe

Modern Trends in Strength Training- Charles Poliquin

Great thanks everyone for the responses. I’m going to try and find some of these books and dvds online for a decent price.


OP, if you are looking for a practical book that you can pick up some tips from and is actually enjoyable to read, don’t buy Supertraining. It jumps all over the place and is 99% theory and 1% practical, applicable knowledge. It’s a good book, but not for the reasons you are looking for. I’d only recommend it for career strength and conditioning folk. For everyone else there are better things to read with your time.

I would second Christian T’s Theory & Application of Modern Strength & Power Methods and 5/3/1.

You can watch Road To The Arnold online for free now.

Two things:
Anybody know of a place beside EFS where I can buy Supertraining?
Hanley, where can i watch road to the arnold?

[quote]bjjwannabe152 wrote:
Two things:
Anybody know of a place beside EFS where I can buy Supertraining?

Just as good?

[quote]bjjwannabe152 wrote:
Just as good?[/quote]

I haven’t seen the new version. I have the old one before Kraemer added his stuff, but the old material should be there. You could always try for a used version thru Amazon. I actually bought mine used at the Penn State bookstore (where Zatsiorsky teaches) while visiting.

If you just want PL Programs “Z Last Book You Will Ever Need on Strength Training” has a ton of them in there, they seem decent.

Milo is a cool publication to check out

Never let Go by Dan John.
The Dan John archive of articles on this site along with Jack Reape’s

The training logs at Elitefts particularly Matt Kroc’s, Wendler and Campaign for Elite/Ted Toalston

x2 on Pavel’s Beyond Bodybuilding-great book