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Powerlifting Lever Belt Sizing

I just got this large iron bull strength 13mm lever belt. I’m attaching a photo of it clasped in a position that’s tight around my waist but still allows me to push out against it. As you can see, there’s two more notches smaller available and tons larger. There’s also a large overlap area. The belt definitely fits but I’m wondering if I’d do better with a size medium so there wouldn’t be all that overlapping area that digs into my abs…?

Large is for 35"-40" supposedly. But if I put it on the smallest hole I’d have to do a severe stomach vacuum to get it to close. Medium is 30"-35". I’m around 35-36" around where I’d put the belt and I don’t plan on getting any bigger. I need to lose an inch or two because there’s a little bit more fat there than I’d like.

It’s going to dig into your abs no matter what, where you place the belt will make a difference though. It has been said that you should be able to put two finger in sideways between your abs and belt, some people like it a bit tighter but that’s a good starting point. Severe stomach vacuums are not a good way to go, the belt is supposed to help you brace rather than support you on its own.

Seems like as long as it fits right, its just a personal preference as far as how much overlap you want. I might get the medium just to see how it fits and return one of them. Who knows, the medium might be entirely too small.

Rehashing again.

Do you have a better suggestion?

If the OP wishes he can send me a PM. No more info for you junior.

No, he can’t. There are no PMs on the forum. You can post your advice on the forum and have discussion about why it is or isn’t useful to a given topic. Or you can continue with the kindergarten name-calling across multiple threads, because that’s super-helpful too.

Really though, I didn’t trackdown why you have a hard-on for arguing with Ottawa at every turn, but it’s not a good look, especially for a guy in his late-50s. You might want to step back and take a breath.

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NP. Read ALL the posts and come to your own conclusion.

Thank you.

It’s spread out across 10+ different threads so, no, I’m not going to go back and read all the posts to figure out why you’re butting heads. I’m just saying, it’s kinda pathetic and it’s bringing down the forum, so it should cool off.

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At this point, one of the posters is just following the other into threads to start this crap, and it’s pretty obvious which one it is, but I agree. This is ridiculous.